Cinema Journal, 25, 4, Summer, 1986

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Front Matter
Editor's Introduction, 3-5
Virginia Wright Wexman
Pleasure, Ambivalence, Identification: Valentino and Female Spectatorship, 6-32
Miriam Hansen
Abstract: As the first major star whose films were primarily addressed to a female audience, Valentino both overstates and undercuts the patriarchal economy of visual pleasure, combining the traditionally masculine agency of the look with a feminine position of erotic object. Valentino's appeal is discussed along with feminist concepts of spectatorship and identification, but also in terms of historical standards of masculinity, social marginality, and ethnic/racial otherness.
Carmen: Sound/Effect, 33-43
David Wills
Abstract: This essay looks at recent Carmen films as reworkings of an old story of sexual politics. It analyzes, in particular, Rosi's use of the bullfight, and Saura's and Godard's films in terms of a problematization of the matters of gender and genre. For Godard's case this refers, via the sound/image relationship, back to the problematics of representation.
Grants Bulletin, 61-68
William C. Siska
Professional Notes, 69-76
Mirella Jona Affron
Back Matter

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