Cinema Journal, 26, 4, Summer, 1987

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"The Scar of Shame": Skin Color and Caste in Black Silent Melodrama, 3-21
Jane Gaines
Abstract: This essay uses "Scar of Shame", a silent film with an all-black cast, to consider the way in which melodrama addresses the disenfranchised. In addition, the film is situated in the race and class context of urban America in 1927 in an attempt to theorize the black spectator in history.
Olivier, Hamlet, and Freud, 22-48
Peter Donaldson
Abstract: This essay presents a psychoanalytic and psychobiographical account of Laurence Olivier's "Hamlet". The author appeals to the director's memoirs and contemporary theoretical contributions to the theory of narcissism, while both reviewing passive Oedipal and narcissistic issues in Olivier's early years and providing a new close reading for the film.
Hitchcock's "The Paradine Case" and Filmic Unpleasure, 49-59
Michael Anderegg, Hitchcock
Abstract: This essay argues that "The Paradine Case" represents a thoroughly unpleasureable text in its concern for viewer expectations. Male impotence and female ambiguity merge with a lack of closure and "false" happy resolution to deny viewer pleasure, and so place the film in its position of canonical marginality.
Grants Bulletin, 67-74
William C. Siska
Professional Notes, 75-77
Mirella Jona Affron
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