Cinema Journal, 27, 2, Winter, 1988

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Front Matter
SCS President's Report, 3-4
Richard Abel
SCS Statement on Creative Rights, 5-7
John Belton
"All I Can See Is the Flags": "Fort Apache" and the Visibility of History, 8-26
Leland Poague
Abstract: This essay attempts to historicize the visibility and readability of "Fort Apache" along two axes. First, it undertakes to reread the film's notorious conclusion by construing it against the earlier departure scene where questions of sight, distance, and institutional loyalty are raised. The essay's last section then undertakes a speculative reading of some of the ideological and institutional protocols that have worked to render such a view of the film unthinkable or invisible.
The Pornographic Image and the Practice of Film Theory, 27-39
Stephen Prince
Abstract: This essay critiques the psychoanalytic analysis of film spectatorship and gender representation by drawing on data gathered as part of a study of pornographic feature films. The issues explored bear on the relationship between film theory and its object of study.
Words and Images in Stan Brakhage's "23rd Psalm Branch", 40-49
William C. Wees
Abstract: In a significant departure from his usual practice, Stan Brakhage gave words an essential role in "23rd Psalm Branch" by treating them as visual images. Besides contributing to the film's deeply personal meditation on war, these words-as-images show how Brakhage's visual aesthetics can effectively incorporate verbal expression.
Professional Notes, 60-65
Mirella Jona Affron
Back Matter

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