Cinema Journal, 27, 3, Spring, 1988

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Front Matter
Editor's Introduction, 3-4
Virginia Wright Wexman
ApProppriations and ImPropprieties: Problems in the Morphology of Film Narrative, 5-20
David Bordwell
Abstract: For many critics, Propp has become the Aristotle of film narratology; yet his influence has come at the cost of serious misunderstandings. This essay illustrates and attempts to clarify some of them.
The Censorship of "Blonde Venus": Textual Analysis and Historical Method, 21-31
Lea Jacobs
Abstract: This essay explores the effects of industry censorship through an examination of the evolution of the script for Josef von Sternberg's "Blonde Venus". It relates censorship logic to particular formations of gender and family roles.
Looking for the "Great Whatzit": "Kiss Me Deadly" and Film Noir, 32-44
Robert Lang
Abstract: This essay identifies a "hom(m)o-sexual logic operative in "Kiss Me Deadly", equating the elusive box of radioactive material in the film with the phallus of Lacanian psychoanalysis. In their search for the "great whatzit" the film's protagonists dramatize and radically critique dominant culture's demand for exclusive heterosexuality.
Professional Notes, 55-56
Mirella Jona Affron
Back Matter

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