Cinema Journal, 28, 3, Spring, 1989

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Front Matter
Editor's Introduction to the Homages, 3
Dana Polan
Jacques Ledoux: 1921-88, 4-7
Kristin Thompson, David Bordwell
George C. Pratt: 1914-88, 8-12
Herbert Reynolds
George Pratt's Published Writings: An Annotated Bibliography, 13-17
George Pratt
Gerald Mast: 1940-88, 18-21
Tag Gallagher
Transition through Tension: Stylistic Diversity in the Late Griffith Biographs, 22-40
Charlie Keil
Representing Romance: Reading/Writing/Fantasy and the "Liberated" Heroine of Recent Hollywood Films, 41-56
Mimi White
Temporality as Historical Argument in Bertolucci's "1900", 57-68
Robert Burgoyne
Professional Notes, 75-83
Robert Lang, Jane Sloan
Back Matter

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