Cinema Journal, 29, 1, Fall, 1989

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Front Matter
Sitcoms and Single Moms: Representations of Feminism on American TV, 3-19
Lauren Rabinovitz
Wiseman's Realm of Transgression: "Titicut Follies," the Symbolic Father, and the Spectacle of Confinement, 20-35
Dan Armstrong
A War of Utter Rebellion: Kinugasa's "Page of Madness" and the Japanese Avant-Garde of the 1920s, 36-53
James Peterson, Kinugasa
Feminine Narrative and the Law in Renoir's "Le Crime de M. Lange", 54-70
Lyall Bush
Professional Notes, 71-75
Robert Lang, Jane Sloan
Erratum: Morgan Fisher: Film on Film, 75
Back Matter

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