Cinema Journal, 36, 4, Summer, 1997

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A Seed for Change: The Engenderment of "A Florida Enchantment", 3-21
R. Bruce Brasell
Abstract: The treatment of gender and same-sex desire in "A Florida Enchantment" defines the film as a hermaphroditic text that contains simultaneous but divergent readings.
"The Only 'I' in the World": Religion, Psychoanalysis, and "The Dybbuk", 22-42
Ira Konigsberg
Abstract: The recently restored film "The Dybbuk" recreates an Eastern European Jewish culture wiped out by the Nazis while providing extraordinary insights into religion in general and the mystical tradition of Judaism with its male and female Godhead.
The Direction of "North by Northwest", 43-56
Christopher D. Morris
Abstract: Hermeneutic criticism of "North by Northwest" traces the direction of the change in Thornhill's character, but a deconstructive reading finds the film questioning the concept of direction.
Machine as Messiah: Cyborgs, Morphs, and the American Body Politic, 57-75
Doran Larson
Abstract: The Liquid Metal Man of "Terminator 2" exposes ambiguities in the figure of the American body politic that have existed for over three hundred years; in contrast, the reprogrammed T101 suggests a body politic as cyborg and offers false assurances of popular control over mass democracy under late capitalism.
"Stop Reading Films!": Film Studies, Close Analysis, and Gay Pornography, 76-97
John Champagne
Abstract: Film studies in the heteronormative academy relies on close analysis to contain the threat and promise gay porno offers to both men and women, straight and gay.
Archival News, 113-116
Brian Taves
Professional Notes, 117-123
Robert Lang, Gregory Martino
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