Cinema Journal, 37, 2, Winter, 1998

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Theorizing Mainstream Female Spectatorship: The Case of the Popular Lesbian Film, 3-17
Karen Hollinger
Abstract: This article discusses recent theorizations of the relationship between female spectators and such popular lesbian films as "Personal Best", "Lianna", "Desert Hearts", and "Claire of the Moon."
Besides Fists and Blood: Hong Kong Comedy and Its Master of the Eighties, 18-34
Jenny Kwok Wah Lau
Abstract: An analysis of "Modern Security Guards" (1981) reveals the importance of comedy to Hong Kong cinema during the 1980s and demonstrates how Hong Kong films should be read within their own sophisticated cultural and political context.
The Construction of Black Male Identity in Black Action Films of the Nineties, 35-48
Kenneth Chan
Abstract: In five recent black action films designed for crossover appeal, such factors as capitalism and the drug trade, racial self-hatred, and the geopolitics of ghetto space have influenced the construction of a 1990s black male identity.
Postmodern Double Cross: Reading David Cronenberg's "M. Butterfly" as a Horror Story, 49-64
Asuman Suner
Abstract: In light of recent developments in feminist and postcolonial theory, the genre conventions of "M. Butterfly" remain consistent with David Cronenberg's earlier style of horror film.
Spectacles of Death: Clint Eastwood and Violence in "Unforgiven", 65-83
Carl Plantinga
Abstract: By placing "Unforgiven" in the context of the western genre and Clint Eastwood's prior films and by using a broadly cognitive approach, this essay shows how the film elicits conflicted emotional responses to the violence it depicts.
Archival News, 98-102
Brian Taves
Professional Notes, 103-109
Robert Lang, Greg Martino
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