Cinema Journal, 44, 4, Summer, 2005

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"Yongzheng Dynasty" and Chinese Primetime Television Drama, 3-17
Ying Zhu
Abstract: This essay contextualizes the phenomenal success, in the late 1990s, of the Chinese primetime television drama "Yongzheng Dynasty." It provides a formal analysis of the show from a comparative perspective and discusses its role in cultivating Chinese primetime drama as an economically viable and a culturally significant enterprise.
Some like It Cold: Fetishism in Billy Wilder's "Double Indemnity", 18-43
Hugh S. Manon
Abstract: This essay employs psychoanalytic theory to identify a fetishistic imperative in the perfect crime that Walter Neff endeavors to commit in Billy Wilder's "Double Indemnity." By favoring ongoing manipulation over goal attainment and satisfaction, Walter Neff engages in a virtuoso cover-up that represents a paradigmatic noir deception, inviting viewers to fantasize that there may always be "more than meets the eye."
Transnational Maleness: The Italian Immigrant in "Hell Drivers", 44-56
Elisabetta Girelli
Abstract: This essay explores the representation and function of the Italian man in the 1950s "tough-guy" film "Hell Drivers," focusing on the dynamic interaction between Italianness and Britishness in the film's construction of a new antihero.
Side of the Angels: Dalton Trumbo, the Hollywood Trade Press, and the Blacklist, 57-74
Tim Palmer
Abstract: This essay recontextualizes Dalton Trumbo, HUAC, and the blacklist by analyzing Trumbo's personal archives, his writings in the Hollywood trade press, his work in the Screen Writers' Guild as editor of its official journal, "The Screen Writer," and his pivotal role in the anti-HUAC debates before he was imprisoned.
In Focus: Children of the Blacklist, an Extended Family
Shock Waves, 79-85
Archival News, 116-122
Scott Higgins, Sara Ross
Professional Notes, 123-141
Kristen Moana Thompson, Terri Ginsberg
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