Journal of the History of Sexuality, 1, 2, October, 1990

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Front Matter
Early Modern Syphilis, 197-214
Bruce Thomas Boehrer
Saint Teresa, Hysteria, and Middlemarch, 215-240
Jill L. Matus
Nazis and Drifters: The Containment of Radical (Sexual) Knowledge in Two Italian Neorealist Films, 241-261
Terri Ginsberg
Rubber Wars: Struggles over the Condom in the United States, 262-282
Joshua Gamson
The Lost Icon in the White Hotel, 283-295
Frances Bartkowski, Catherine Stearns
Review Essay
Sin and Society in the Seventeenth Century
John Addy
For Better, for Worse: British Marriages 1600 to the Present
John R. Gillis
Church Courts, Sex and Marriage in England
Martin Ingram
Marriage and Love in England: Modes of Reproduction
Alan Macfarlane
Putting Asunder: A History of Divorce in Western Society
Roderick Phillips
Review Author[s]: Randolph Trumbach
Book Reviews
----------------, 310-312
Martin Bauml Duberman, Martha Vicinus, George Chauncey Jr.
Review Author[s]: Lillian Faderman
----------------, 313-316
David F. Greenberg
Review Author[s]: Alanna Mitchell-Hutchinson
----------------, 316-318
Peter Brown
Review Author[s]: Beert C. Verstraete
----------------, 318-320
Eve Levin
Review Author[s]: Joanna Hubbs
----------------, 321-323
J. A. Mangan, James Walvin
Review Author[s]: Michael C. C. Adams
----------------, 323-325
David Leverenz
Review Author[s]: David L. Collinson
----------------, 325-327
Adrienne Auslander Munich
Review Author[s]: Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz
----------------, 328-330
Lloyd Davis
Review Author[s]: Judith Weissman
----------------, 330-332
Rosemarie Morgan
Review Author[s]: George Watt
----------------, 333-335
Maureen E. Montgomery
Review Author[s]: Philippa Levine
----------------, 335-337
Ethel S. Person
Review Author[s]: Marshall Missner
----------------, 338-340
Donna Haraway
Review Author[s]: Sarah Franklin
----------------, 340-343
Joan Cocks
Review Author[s]: Sharon Marcus
----------------, 343-345
Victor J. Seidler
Review Author[s]: Michael S. Kimmel
Books of Critical Interest, 346-349
Back Matter

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