Journal of the History of Sexuality, 2, 1, July, 1991

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Front Matter
People of the Body: The Problem of the Body for the People of the Book, 1-24
Howard Eilberg-Schwartz
Disclosure and Secrecy among Gay Men in the United States and Canada: A Shift in Views, 25-45
Roy Cain
Portraits of Three "Physicians of Conscience": Abortion before Legalization in the United States, 46-67
Carole Joffe
Of Purebreds and Hybrids: The Politics of Teaching AIDS in the United States, 68-94
Katherine Cummings
Book Reviews
----------------, 106-108
Gundel Koch-Harnack
Review Author[s]: Jan Bremmer
----------------, 108-110
Jan Bremmer
Review Author[s]: Ronald Paul Salzberger
----------------, 110-113
Joan DeJean
Review Author[s]: Roy Arthur Swanson
----------------, 113-116
Toni Reed
Review Author[s]: Dianne Dugaw
----------------, 116-119
Asunción Lavrin
Review Author[s]: Verena Stolcke
----------------, 119-121
Antony Copley
Review Author[s]: Robert Aldrich
----------------, 121-124
Linda Mahood
Review Author[s]: Johanna M. Smith
----------------, 124-125
M. Jimmie Killingsworth
Review Author[s]: Geoffrey Sill
----------------, 125-128
Cynthia Enloe
Review Author[s]: Manju Parikh
----------------, 128-130
Rebecca O'Rourke
Review Author[s]: Michèle Aina Barale
----------------, 131-134
Christiane Olivier, George Craig
Marion J. Levy Jr.
Review Author[s]: Patricia Sharpe
----------------, 134-136
Jane Ussher
Review Author[s]: Vieda Skultans
----------------, 136-138
Camilla A. Collins
Review Author[s]: Elizabeth Fuller Collins
----------------, 138-142
Lesbian Oral History Group, Hall Carpenter Archives
Gay Men's Oral History Group, Hall Carpenter Archives
Review Author[s]: Julia Penelope
----------------, 142-147
Anne Bolin
Annie Woodhouse
Review Author[s]: Anne Herrmann
Books of Critical Interest, 148-150
Back Matter

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