Journal of the History of Sexuality Special Issue, Part 2: The State, Society, and the Regulation of Sexuality in Modern Europe, 2, 3, January, 1992

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Front Matter
Definition and Control: Alexander Walker's Trilogy on Woman, 341-364
Robyn Cooper
Forbidden by God, Despised by Men: Masturbation, Medical Warnings, Moral Panic, and Manhood in Great Britain, 1850-1950, 365-387
Lesley A. Hall
Sexual Politics in Wilhelmine Germany: The Male Gender Crisis, Moral Purity, and Homophobia, 388-421
John C. Fout
The Voluntary Sterilization Campaign in Britain, 1918-39, 422-438
John Macnicol
Discourses on and of AIDS in West Germany, 1986-90, 439-468
James W. Jones
Book Reviews
----------------, 469-471
Gill Saunders
Review Author[s]: Eileen O'Neill
----------------, 471-473
Carolyn Dinshaw
Review Author[s]: Peter L. Allen
----------------, 474-476
Charles Carlton
Review Author[s]: Angela Woollacott
----------------, 476-478
Ronald Hyam
Review Author[s]: John D. Kelly
----------------, 478-480
Karen L. Michaelson
Review Author[s]: Linda L. Layne
----------------, 480-482
Lee L. Bean, Geraldine P. Mineau, Douglas L. Anderton
Review Author[s]: Sylvia D. Hoffert
----------------, 483-484
Sally G. McMillen
Review Author[s]: Sarah J. Deutsch
----------------, 485-487
Karen Lystra
Robert C. Solomon
Review Author[s]: Suzanne G. Frayser
----------------, 487-490
Barbara Meil Hobson
Gail Pheterson
Review Author[s]: Thomas C. Mackey
----------------, 490-492
Louise DeSalvo
Review Author[s]: Rachel Bowlby
----------------, 493-495
Anne E. Rasa, Christian Vogel, Eckart Voland
Review Author[s]: Karen R. Rosenberg
----------------, 495-497
Edwin M. Schur
Review Author[s]: Suzanne Vromen
----------------, 497-500
Holly Devor
Review Author[s]: Anne Bolin
Books of Critical Interest, 501-503
Back Matter

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