Journal of the History of Sexuality, 2, 4, April, 1992

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Volume Information
Front Matter
Libertine Sexuality in Post-Restoration England: Group Sex and Flagellation among the Middling Sort in Norwich in 1706-07, 511-526
Lawrence Stone
Sex Radicalism in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, 1890-1920, 527-546
Angus McLaren
In Search of "The Real Thing": Ideologies of Love, Modern Romance, and Women's Sexual Subjectivity in the United States, 1920-40, 547-577
Pamela S. Haag
The Return of Butch and Femme: A Phenomenon in Lesbian Sexuality of the 1980s and 1990s, 578-596
Lillian Faderman
Research Essays
Review Essay
Rape in Marriage
Diana E. H. Russell
Women and Rape
Cathy Roberts
Defining Rape
Linda Brookover Bourque
Review Author[s]: Libby O. Ruch
Book Reviews
----------------, 641-644
Giulia Sissa, Arthur Goldhammer
Review Author[s]: Peter Burian
----------------, 644-646
Marta Weigle
Review Author[s]: Susan S. Wadley
----------------, 646-649
Ann Rosalind Jones
Review Author[s]: Robert J. Corthell
----------------, 649-651
Richard Davenport-Hines
Review Author[s]: Susan D. Amussen
----------------, 652-655
Paul Julian Smith
James M. Taggart
Review Author[s]: James A. Parr
----------------, 655-657
Ann Taves, Abigail Abbot Bailey
Review Author[s]: Carol F. Karlsen
----------------, 658-660
Kate Ferguson Ellis
Review Author[s]: Diane Long Hoeveler
----------------, 660-662
Marianne Hirsch
Review Author[s]: Shuli Barzilai
----------------, 663-665
Hans Hafkamp, Maurice van Lieshout
Review Author[s]: Klaus Müller
----------------, 665-667
Will Roscoe
Review Author[s]: Sue-Ellen Jacobs
----------------, 667-670
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
Review Author[s]: Richard Dellamora
----------------, 670-674
Klaus Theweleit, Stephen Conway, Erica Carter, Chris Turner
Review Author[s]: John M. Remy
----------------, 674-676
Leslie G. Roman, Linda K. Christian-Smith, Elizabeth Ellsworth
Review Author[s]: Lee Quinby
----------------, 676-679
Sudhir Kakar
Review Author[s]: Renuka Singh
----------------, 679-682
Richard G. Parker
Review Author[s]: Stephen O. Murray
Books of Critical Interest, 683-685
Back Matter

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