Journal of the History of Sexuality, 3, 1, July, 1992

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Front Matter
Michelet and the Republican Mission, 1868-70: The Policing of Eros, 1-32
Arthur Mitzman
"Lost Manhood" Found: Male Sexual Impotence and Victorian Culture in the United States, 33-57
Kevin J. Mumford
Nudity and Modernity in German Dance, 1910-30, 58-108
Karl Toepfer
Danger on the Home Front: Motherhood, Sexuality, and Disabled Veterans in American Postwar Films, 109-128
Sonya Michel
Review Essay
Fragments for a History of the Human Body
Michel Feher, Ramona Naddaff, Nadia Tazi
Review Author[s]: Colleen Ballerino Cohen, Karen Robertson
Book Reviews
----------------, 141-143
Bret Hinsch
Review Author[s]: James D. Seymour
----------------, 143-145
Lawrence Stone
Review Author[s]: Roderick Phillips
----------------, 146-148
Jeffrey Berman
Review Author[s]: Don Richard Cox
----------------, 148-151
Regina Barreca
Review Author[s]: Jennifer Fleischner
----------------, 151-153
Deborah A. Sullivan, Rose Weitz
Katherine Arnup, Andrée Lévesque, Ruth Roach Pierson
Review Author[s]: Sue V. Rosser
----------------, 154-156
Margaret Jolly, Martha Macintyre
Review Author[s]: Alice Pomponio
----------------, 156-159
Thomas E. Yingling
Review Author[s]: John Robert Leo
----------------, 159-162
Ruth Formanek
Review Author[s]: Dona Lee Davis
----------------, 162-164
Karla Jay, Joanne Glasgow
Review Author[s]: Irene Costera Meijer
----------------, 165-167
Mark Lilly
Bonnie Zimmerman
Review Author[s]: Marilyn R. Farwell
----------------, 168-170
Eva Lundgren
Review Author[s]: Jenny Jochens
----------------, 170-172
Susan Gubar, Joan Hoff
Review Author[s]: Allanah Ryan
Books of Critical Interest, 173-174
Back Matter

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