Journal of the History of Sexuality, 3, 2, October, 1992

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Front Matter
"Conceived in Sins, Born in Delights": Stories of Procreation from Early Ireland, 181-202
Lisa M. Bitel
Thomas Gray and the Poetry of "Hopeless Love", 203-222
Raymond Bentman
"The Word Made Flesh": Language, Authority, and Sexual Desire in Late Nineteenth-Century America, 223-244
Jesse F. Battan
Courtesans and Streetwalkers: The Changing Discourses on Shanghai Prostitution, 1890-1949, 245-269
Gail Hershatter
Demanding Subjectivity: Transsexualism, Medicine, and the Technologies of Gender, 270-302
Bernice L. Hausman
Review Essay
Male Desire and the Coming of World War I
Michael C. C. Adams
Masculinity and Power
Arthur Brittan
Contemporary Perspectives on Masculinity: Men, Women, and Politics in Modern Society
Kenneth Clatterbaugh
Sport, Men, and the Gender Order: Critical Feminist Perspectives
Michael A. Messner, Donald F. Sabo
Meanings for Manhood: Constructions of Masculinity in Victorian America
Mark C. Carnes, Clyde Griffen
Review Author[s]: J. A. Mangan
Cures: A Gay Man's Odyssey
Martin Duberman
Gay Voices from East Germany
Jürgen Lemke, John Borneman, Steven Stoltenberg, J. D. Steakley, Jeffrey M. Peck, James R. Keller, James W. Jones, James Patrick Hill, Geoffrey J. Giles
Between the Acts: Lives of Homosexual Men
Kevin Porter, Jeffrey Weeks
Review Author[s]: John D'Emilio
Book Reviews
----------------, 320-322
Peter Bing, Rip Cohen
Review Author[s]: Sally MacEwen
----------------, 322-325
Angus McLaren
Review Author[s]: István György Tóth
----------------, 325-327
Penelope D. Johnson
Review Author[s]: Brigitte Bedos-Rezak
----------------, 327-329
Robert R. Edwards, Stephen Spector
Review Author[s]: Laurie Finke
----------------, 329-331
Priscilla Martin
Review Author[s]: Elaine Tuttle Hansen
----------------, 331-333
Ramón A. Gutiérrez
Review Author[s]: José Rabasa
----------------, 333-336
Bruce R. Smith
Review Author[s]: Steve Brown
----------------, 336-338
Marjorie Garber
Review Author[s]: Kristina Straub
----------------, 338-341
Lillian Faderman
Review Author[s]: Marilee Lindemann
----------------, 341-345
Jane Silverman Van Buren
Review Author[s]: Ivy Schweitzer
----------------, 345-348
Stuart Timmons
Review Author[s]: Ritch C. Savin-Williams
----------------, 348-350
Richard Dyer
Review Author[s]: Wheeler Winston Dixon
----------------, 350-352
Stephen R. Graubard
Review Author[s]: Judith A. Levy
----------------, 352-354
Tania Modleski
Review Author[s]: Susan Jaret McKinstry
Books of Critical Interest, 355-356
Back Matter

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