Journal of the History of Sexuality, 3, 4, April, 1993

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Volume Information
Front Matter
Not before Homosexuality: The Materiality of the Cinaedus and the Roman Law against Love between Men, 523-573
Amy Richlin
The Tale of "The Bride and the Monkey": Female Insatiability, Male Impotence, and Simian Virility in Indian Literature, 574-589
Herman W. Tull
The First Medicalization: The Taxonomy and Etiology of Queerness in Classical Indian Medicine, 590-607
Michael J. Sweet, Leonard Zwilling
Prostitution in Helsinki: A Disappearing Social Problem?, 608-630
Margaretha Järvinen
Book Reviews
----------------, 631-633
Anton Powell
Review Author[s]: Sheila Murnaghan
----------------, 633-635
Thomas Laqueur
Review Author[s]: Sally Shuttleworth
----------------, 635-637
Joyce E. Salisbury
Review Author[s]: Clarissa W. Atkinson
----------------, 637-639
Richard A. Posner
Review Author[s]: Dennis McEnnerney
----------------, 639-641
Lawrence D. Kritzman
Review Author[s]: Tom Conley
----------------, 641-643
Françoise Barret-Ducrocq, John Howe
Review Author[s]: Maura Spiegel
----------------, 643-645
Tim Jeal
Review Author[s]: Michael C. C. Adams
----------------, 645-648
Biddy Martin
Review Author[s]: Leslie Morris
----------------, 648-650
Hollis Clayson
Review Author[s]: Therese Dolan
----------------, 650-654
Luise White
John D. Kelly
Review Author[s]: Annette Hamilton
----------------, 654-656
Nancy Leys Stepan
Review Author[s]: Ines Smyth
----------------, 656-658
G. M. Goshgarian
Review Author[s]: Susan S. Kissel
----------------, 658-660
Janice M. Irvine, Sheryl Ruzek, Irving Kenneth Zola
Review Author[s]: Leonore Tiefer
----------------, 660-662
Fang Fu Ruan, Molleen Matsumura, Richard Green
Review Author[s]: Keith McMahon
----------------, 663-664
Gilbert Herdt
Review Author[s]: Rafael L. Ramírez
----------------, 664-666
Kath Weston, Richard D. Mohr
Review Author[s]: Barrie Thorne
Books of Critical Interest, 667-669
Back Matter

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