Journal of the History of Sexuality Special Issue, Part 2: Lesbian and Gay Histories, 4, 3, January, 1994

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Front Matter
The Argentine Dissemination of Homosexuality, 1890-1914, 337-368
Jorge Salessi
Constructs of Sin and Sodom in Russian Modernism, 1906-1909, 369-394
Lindsay F. Watton
"The Homosexual Man Is a 'Man,' the Homosexual Woman Is a 'Woman'": Sex, Society, and the Law in Postwar West Germany, 395-429
Robert G. Moeller
'Til Death Do Us Part: Impossible Spaces in "Thelma and Louise", 430-446
Lynda Hart
Book Reviews
----------------, 447-449
Eve Cantarella, Cormac Ó. Cuilleanáin
Review Author[s]: Marilyn A. Katz
----------------, 449-452
Amy Richlin
Review Author[s]: Holly W. Montague
----------------, 452-454
Jonathan Goldberg
Review Author[s]: Valerie Traub
----------------, 454-457
Lynn Hunt
Review Author[s]: Roderick Phillips
----------------, 457-459
Victoria E. Bynum, Linda K. Kerber, Nell Irvin Painter
Review Author[s]: Jeanne Boydston
----------------, 459-462
Linda M. Shires
Review Author[s]: Deirdre d'Albertis
----------------, 462-464
June Rose
Review Author[s]: Joyce Avrech Berkman
----------------, 464-466
Laura Engelstein
Review Author[s]: Eve Levin
----------------, 467-469
Vance Randolph, Gershon Legman
Review Author[s]: Erika Brady
----------------, 469-472
José Ignacio Cabezón
Review Author[s]: Carol S. Anderson
----------------, 472-475
Kaja Silverman
Review Author[s]: Eric Savoy
----------------, 475-478
Bad Object-Choices
Review Author[s]: Thomas Dukes
----------------, 478-480
John D'Emilio
Review Author[s]: John Borneman
----------------, 480-482
Steven Seidman, Linda J. Nicholson
Review Author[s]: Kathleen M. Blee
Books of Critical Interest, 483-486
Back Matter

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