Journal of the History of Sexuality, 6, 1, July, 1995

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Front Matter
Celibate Pleasures: Masculinity, Desire, and Asceticism in Augustine, 1-29
Erin Sawyer
Images of Alice: Gender, Deviancy, and a Love Murder in Memphis, 30-61
Lisa J. Lindquist
Mother Nature versus the Amazons: Marina Tsvetaeva and Female Same-Sex Love, 62-88
Diana Lewis Burgin
Youth, Corruptibility, and English-Canadian Postwar Campaigns against Indecency, 1948-1955, 89-117
Mary Louise Adams
Book Reviews
----------------, 118-121
Dyan Elliott
Pierre J. Payer
Review Author[s]: Megan McLaughlin
----------------, 121-124
Georges Duby, Jane Dunnett
Review Author[s]: Ruth Mazo Karras
----------------, 124-126
Jonathan Goldberg
Review Author[s]: Michael L. Satlow
----------------, 126-129
A. D. Harvey
Review Author[s]: Polly Morris
----------------, 129-131
Roddey Reid
Review Author[s]: Rebecca A. Rassier
----------------, 131-134
Gilbert Herdt
Review Author[s]: Lawrence Hammar
----------------, 134-136
Lloyd Davis
Review Author[s]: Oliver S. Buckton
----------------, 137-139
John Maynard
Review Author[s]: Lloyd Davis
----------------, 139-142
Janet Farrell Brodie
Review Author[s]: Simone M. Caron
----------------, 142-144
B. R. Burg
Review Author[s]: Lynne M. Adrian
----------------, 144-147
Regina G. Kunzel
Review Author[s]: Leslie J. Reagan
----------------, 147-150
Mary Jane Lupton
Review Author[s]: Alma Gottlieb
----------------, 150-152
Lynda Hart
Review Author[s]: Claudia Card
----------------, 153-155
David J. Langum
Review Author[s]: Clayton R. Koppes
----------------, 156-158
David Savran
Review Author[s]: David Van Leer
Books of Critical Interest, 159-162
Back Matter

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