Journal of the History of Sexuality, 6, 2, October, 1995

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Front Matter
"Changed... into the Fashion of Man": The Politics of Sexual Difference in a Seventeenth-Century Anglo-American Settlement, 171-193
Kathleen Brown
"The Most Famous Fairy in History": Antinous and Homosexual Fantasy, 194-230
Sarah Waters
Proper Conduct: Reinaldo Arenas, Fidel Castro, and the Politics of Homosexuality, 231-283
Brad Epps
Pictures Don't Lie. Pictures Tell It All, 284-321
Shannon Bell
Book Reviews
----------------, 322-324
Angeliki E. Laiou
Review Author[s]: Clifford R. Backman
----------------, 325-328
John W. Baldwin
Review Author[s]: Constance H. Berman
----------------, 328-330
Lynn Hunt
Review Author[s]: Karen Newman
----------------, 330-334
Richard Burt, John Michael Archer
Review Author[s]: Paula R. Backscheider
----------------, 334-336
Peter Cryle
Review Author[s]: Christopher Rivers
----------------, 336-338
Bill Thompson
Review Author[s]: Lynda Hart
----------------, 338-340
George Chauncey
Review Author[s]: Lillian Faderman
----------------, 341-343
Kevin White
Review Author[s]: Beth Bailey
----------------, 343-345
Mark Blasius
Review Author[s]: Morris B. Kaplan
----------------, 346-348
Laura Doan
Review Author[s]: Ann Pellegrini
Books of Critical Interest, 349-352
Back Matter

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