Journal of the History of Sexuality, 7, 4, April, 1997

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Front Matter
The Repression of Sexual Behavior by the Aragonese Inquisition between 1560 and 1700, 469-501
André Fernandez
Impotence, Biography, and the Froude-Carlyle Controversy: "Revelations on Ticklish Topics", 502-536
Trev Lynn Broughton
Eliza Lynn Linton and the Rise of Lesbian Consciousness, 537-560
Deborah T. Meem
Destaining the (Tattooed) Delinquent Body: The Practices of Moral Regulation at Toronto's Street Haven, 1965-1969, 561-595
Becki L. Ross
Book Reviews
----------------, 596-599
Margaret Williamson
Page duBois
Review Author[s]: Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz
----------------, 599-603
Simon Goldhill
Review Author[s]: Madeleine M. Henry
----------------, 604-606
Clive Hart, Kay Gilliland Stevenson
Review Author[s]: Lynette M. F. Bosch
----------------, 606-608
Anthony Fletcher
Review Author[s]: Anna Clark
----------------, 608-610
Gary P. Leupp
Review Author[s]: Joshua S. Mostow
----------------, 611-613
Isabel V. Hull
Review Author[s]: Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks
----------------, 613-616
Carolyn Strange
Review Author[s]: Elise Chenier
----------------, 616-621
Janet Staiger
Review Author[s]: Maureen Turim
----------------, 621-624
Jonathan Sanders
Review Author[s]: Thomas Waugh
----------------, 624-625
Bernice L. Hausman
Review Author[s]: Frank Lewins
----------------, 625-628
Don Kulick, Margaret Willson
Review Author[s]: Kevin Latham
----------------, 628-630
Shannon Bell
Shannon Bell
Review Author[s]: Ken Plummer
Books of Critical Interest, 631-634
Back Matter

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