Journal of the History of Sexuality, 8, 1, July, 1997

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Front Matter
The Politicization of Pederasty among the Colonial Yucatecan Maya, 1-24
Pete Sigal
Sleeping in the Arms of Christ: Sanctifying Sexuality in the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Church, 25-51
Craig D. Atwood
Thai Research on Male Homosexuality and Transgenderism and the Cultural Limits of Foucaultian Analysis, 52-85
Peter A. Jackson
"All They Needed": AIDS, Consumption, and the Politics of Class, 86-115
Peter F. Cohen
Book Reviews
----------------, 116-119
Lawrence A. Hoffman
Review Author[s]: Sara Mandell
----------------, 119-122
Michael L. Satlow, Ernest S. Frerichs, Shaye J. D. Cohen, Calvin Goldscheider
Review Author[s]: Carroll McC. Lewin
----------------, 122-124
Jenny Jochens
Review Author[s]: Christine L. Hanson
----------------, 124-126
Lisa M. Bitel
Review Author[s]: Henrietta Leyser
----------------, 127-129
Ruth Mazo Karras
Review Author[s]: Shannon McSheffrey
----------------, 129-132
Sam Abel
Review Author[s]: Corinne E. Blackmer
----------------, 132-135
Linda Wagner-Martin
Review Author[s]: Nelda K. Pearson
----------------, 135-139
Eric L. Santner
Review Author[s]: Claudia Jost
----------------, 139-141
Rudi C. Bleys
Review Author[s]: Edgar A. Gregersen
----------------, 141-144
Ginger S. Frost
Review Author[s]: Kelly Hager
----------------, 144-146
James Eli Adams
Review Author[s]: Joseph H. O'Mealy
----------------, 146-149
Sander L. Gilman
Review Author[s]: Katherine Arens
----------------, 149-151
Lawrence R. Schehr
Lawrence R. Schehr
Review Author[s]: Christopher Rivers
----------------, 151-154
Joseph Monti
Review Author[s]: Debra Campbell
Books of Critical Interest, 155-157
Back Matter

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