Journal of the History of Sexuality, 8, 2, October, 1997

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Front Matter
Localizing Sodomy: The "Priest and Sodomite" in Pre-Reformation Germany and Switzerland, 165-195
Helmut Puff
Plato's Apostles: Edwardian Cambridge and the "New Style of Love", 196-228
Julie Anne Taddeo
Writing-Reading the Sexual Revolution in the Early Soviet Union, 229-255
Greg Carleton
"Intersex" and "Dirty Girls": Mass-Observation and Working-Class Sexuality in England in the 1930s, 256-290
Peter Gurney
Book Reviews
----------------, 291-294
André Burguièe, Christiane Klapisch-Zuber, Martine Segalen, Françoise Zonabend, Sarah Hanbury Tenison, Rosemary Morris, Andrew Wilson
Review Author[s]: David I. Kertzer
----------------, 294-297
Gwendolyn Leick
Review Author[s]: Rivkah Harris
----------------, 298-300
William Armstrong Percy III
Review Author[s]: Gerald Erickson
----------------, 301-303
John Stratton Hawley, Donna Marie Wulff
Review Author[s]: Herman Tull
----------------, 303-306
Piero Camporesi, Robert R. Barr
Review Author[s]: Andrew J. Strathern
----------------, 306-308
Stephen Haliczer
Review Author[s]: Kathryn Norberg
----------------, 308-310
Margaret Marsh, Wanda Ronner
Review Author[s]: Sally G. McMillen
----------------, 311-313
Susan Juster
Review Author[s]: John Saillant
----------------, 313-316
Felicity A. Nussbaum
Review Author[s]: Annette Hamilton
----------------, 316-318
Dagmar Herzog
Review Author[s]: Merry Wiesner-Hanks
----------------, 318-321
Jeffrey Kallberg
Review Author[s]: Lawrence Kramer
----------------, 322-324
Nancy K. Bristow
Review Author[s]: Beth Bailey
----------------, 324-327
Gina Marchetti
Review Author[s]: David Van Leer
----------------, 327-329
Laurel Kendall
Review Author[s]: Myung-hye Kim
----------------, 330-334
Ellen Lewin, William L. Leap
Review Author[s]: Don Kulick
Books of Critical Interest, 335-338
Back Matter

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