Journal of the History of Sexuality, 8, 3, January, 1998

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Front Matter
Signs, Marks, and Private Parts: Doctors, Legal Discourses, and Evidence of Rape in the United States, 1823-1930, 345-388
Stephen Robertson
Divine Sex, Happy Marriage, Regenerated Nation: Marie Stopes's Marital Manual Married Love and the Making of a Best-Seller, 1918-1955, 389-433
Alexander C. T. Geppert
Teenage Sexuality in Nazi Germany, 434-476
Robert G. Waite
"Looking like a Lesbian": The Organization of Sexual Monitoring at the United States-Mexican Border, 477-506
Eithne Luibheid
Book Reviews
----------------, 507-511
Hubert Damisch, John Goodman
Review Author[s]: Dena Shottenkirk
----------------, 511-514
Nicole Loraux, Paula Wissing
Review Author[s]: Douglas J. Stewart
----------------, 514-516
Michael Rocke
Review Author[s]: Steven Botterill
----------------, 516-519
Alice A. Kuzniar
Review Author[s]: Denis M. Sweet
----------------, 519-522
Sander L. Gilman
Review Author[s]: Nicole Sault
----------------, 522-524
Deborah Epstein Nord
Review Author[s]: Diane Elam
----------------, 524-526
Constance M. Chen
Review Author[s]: Lauren Ann Kattner
----------------, 526-529
Jane C. Schneider, Peter T. Schneider
Review Author[s]: George R. Saunders
----------------, 529-531
Miguel Vale de Almeida
Review Author[s]: Caroline B. Brettell
----------------, 532-534
Paul Julian Smith
Review Author[s]: José Quiroga
----------------, 534-536
George L. Mosse
Review Author[s]: Bryant Simon
----------------, 537-539
Fiona Nelson
Review Author[s]: Ellen Lewin
----------------, 539-542
Anne Allison
Review Author[s]: Karen Kelsky
----------------, 542-546
Jennifer Terry, Jacqueline Urla
Judith Halberstam, Ira Livingston
Review Author[s]: Nancy N. Chen
Books of Critical Interest, 547-549
Back Matter

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