Journal of the History of Sexuality, 9, 1/2, January, 2000/ April, 2000

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Front Matter
Editors' Note, v
Barbara Loomis, William N. Bonds
"Lesbian-Like" and the Social History of Lesbianisms, 1-24
Judith M. Bennett
Aphrodisiac Use in Pre-Columbian Aztec and Inca Cultures, 25-36
Jan G. R. Elferink
Self-Pollution, Moral Reform, and the Venereal Trade: Notes on the Sources and Historical Context of Onania (1716), 37-61
Michael Stolberg
"Strong Animal Passions" in the Gilded Age: Race, Sex, and a Senator on Trial, 62-84
Lynn M. Hudson
Bathhouses, Hustlers, and a Sex Club: The Reception of Mikhail Kuzmin's Wings, 85-104
John E. Malmstad
Nakedness, Nonviolence, and Brahmacharya: Gandhi's Experiments in Celibate Sexuality, 105-136
Vinay Lal
From the Lesbian Nation to the Cincinnati Lesbian Community: Moving Toward a Politics of Location, 137-174
Susan K. Freeman
Book Reviews
----------------, 175-177
Mary Warner Blanchard
Review Author[s]: Terence Kissack
----------------, 178-180
Patricia U. Bonomi
Review Author[s]: Walter L. Sargent
----------------, 180-183
Lynn S. Chancer
Review Author[s]: Dana Wilson-Kovacs
----------------, 183-185
Joy Damousi
Review Author[s]: Bronwyn Dalley
----------------, 185-190
Dyan Elliott
Review Author[s]: Mathew Kuefler
----------------, 190-192
Michael S. Foldy
Review Author[s]: Melissa Knox
----------------, 192-195
Erwin J. Haeberle, Rolf Gindorf
Review Author[s]: Steven Angelides
----------------, 195-197
Martha Hodes
Review Author[s]: Martin J. Hardeman
----------------, 198-200
Lisa Keen, Suzanne B. Goldberg
Review Author[s]: Peter Kearns
----------------, 200-202
Lawrence Kramer
Review Author[s]: Joseph Bristow
----------------, 202-205
David H. J. Larmour, Paul Allen Miller, Charles Platter
Review Author[s]: Charles W. Hedrick Jr.
----------------, 205-208
Stephen O. Murray, Will Roscoe
Review Author[s]: James H. Sweet
----------------, 208-212
Sharon Ullman
Review Author[s]: Nancy Unger
Books of Critical Interest, 213-218
Back Matter

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