Journal of the History of Sexuality, 9, 3, July, 2000

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Front Matter
Editors' Note: Barbara Loomis and William N. Bonds, iv-v
Notice of Errata: 'Lesbian-Like' and the Social History of Lesbianisms, v
Recording the Unspeakable: Masturbation in the Diary of William Drummond, 1657-1659, 223-239
David Stevenson
"Sodomitical Sins Are Threefold": Typologies of Bestiality, Masturbation, and Homosexuality in Sweden, 1880-1950, 240-276
Jens Rydström
The Glandular Solution: Sex, Masculinity, and Aging in the 1920s, 277-304
Laura Davidow Hirshbein
Murder, Perversion, and Moral Panic: The 1954 Media Campaign against Miami's Homosexuals and the Discourse of Civic Betterment, 305-347
Fred Fejes
Book Reviews
----------------, 348-351
Lucy Bland, Laura Doan
Lucy Bland, Laura Doan
Review Author[s]: Brad D. Hume
----------------, 351-354
Alain Boureau, Lydia G. Cochrane
Review Author[s]: Peggy McCracken
----------------, 354-356
M. L. Bush
Review Author[s]: Lesley A. Hall
----------------, 356-360
John R. Clarke
Review Author[s]: Judith M. Barringer
----------------, 360-362
Alice Domurat Dreger
Review Author[s]: Catherine J. Kudlick
----------------, 362-365
Charlotte Furth
Review Author[s]: Pi-ching Hsu
----------------, 365-368
George E. Haggerty
Review Author[s]: Laura L. Mendelson
----------------, 368-370
Philip Jenkins
Review Author[s]: Joseph M. Hawes
----------------, 371-373
Elizabeth B. Keiser
Review Author[s]: Andrew Galloway
----------------, 373-376
John E. Malmstad, Nikolay Bogomolov
Review Author[s]: Laura Engelstein
----------------, 376-378
Merril D. Smith
Review Author[s]: Carol Berkin
----------------, 379-381
John C. Spurlock, Cynthia A. Magistro
Review Author[s]: Jessica Weiss
----------------, 381-384
Randolph Trumbach
Review Author[s]: Tim Hitchcock
Books of Critical Interest, 385-391
Back Matter

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