Journal of the History of Sexuality, 10, 1, January, 2001

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Front Matter
Editors' Note: Barbara Loomis and William N. Bonds, 1
Hidden in History: Female Homoeroticism and Women of a "Third Nature" in the South Asian Past, 3-39
Walter Penrose
"Regeneration; Now and Evermore!": Mormon Polygamy and the Physical Rehabilitation of Humankind, 40-61
B. Carmon Hardy, Dan Erickson
"This Pernicious Delusion": Law, Medicine, and Child Sexual Abuse in Early-Twentieth-Century Scotland, 62-77
Roger Davidson
Behind the Mask of Respectability: Reconsidering the Mattachine Society and Male Homophile Practice, 1950s and 1960s, 78-116
Martin Meeker
Book Reviews
----------------, 117-119
John-Manuel Andriote
Review Author[s]: Michael S. Sherry
----------------, 119-122
Josiah Blackmore, Gregory S. Hutcheson
Review Author[s]: Leora Lev
----------------, 122-126
Evelyn Blackwood, Saskia E. Wieringa
Review Author[s]: Jeffrey M. Dickemann
----------------, 127-129
Karen Dubinsky
Review Author[s]: M. Kathryn Davis
----------------, 129-131
David L. Eng, Alice Y. Hom
Review Author[s]: Clive Moore
----------------, 132-135
Richard Wightman Fox
Review Author[s]: Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz
----------------, 135-137
John Howard
Review Author[s]: Stephanie Cole
----------------, 137-140
Lisa Merrill
Review Author[s]: Pippa Holloway
----------------, 140-143
Dianne Sadoff
Review Author[s]: Peter Hegarty
----------------, 143-146
Jeremy Seabrook
Review Author[s]: Serena Nanda
----------------, 146-150
Ann Twinam
Review Author[s]: Joan C. Bristol
----------------, 150-153
Elizabeth Susan Wahl
Review Author[s]: George E. Haggerty
----------------, 153-155
Jeffrey Weeks
Review Author[s]: Scott Bravmann
Books of Critical Interest, 156-158
Back Matter

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