Journal of the History of Sexuality Special Issue: Sexuality in Late Antiquity, 10, 3/4, July, 2001/ October, 2001

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Volume Information
Front Matter
Editors' Note: Barbara Loomis and William N. Bonds, 355-356
Introduction: Foucault's "The History of Sexuality": The Fourth Volume, or, a Field Left Fallow for Others to Till, 357-374
Daniel Boyarin, Elizabeth A. Castelli
A Maidservant and Her Master's Voice: Discourse, Identity, and Eros in Rabbinic Texts, 375-397
Dina Stein
When Women Walk in the Way of Their Fathers: On Gendering the Rabbinic Claim for Authority, 398-415
Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert
Thinking with and about "Same-Sex Desire": Producing and Policing Female Sexuality in the "Acts of Xanthippe and Polyxena", 416-441
Jill Gorman
Queer Lives of Saints: Jerome's Hagiography, 442-479
Virginia Burrus
The Perils of Love: Magic and Countermagic in Coptic Egypt, 480-500
David Frankfurter
Ethiopian Demons: Male Sexuality, the Black-Skinned Other, and the Monastic Self, 501-535
David Brakke
Book Reviews
----------------, 536-539
Lisa Duggan
Review Author[s]: Martin Meeker
----------------, 539-542
Laura Engelstein
Review Author[s]: Roy R. Robson
----------------, 542-545
Christopher A. Faraone
Review Author[s]: Thomas K. Hubbard
----------------, 546-547
Eileen J. Suárez Findlay
Review Author[s]: Arlene Davila
----------------, 547-553
Charlotte Fonrobert
Review Author[s]: Christine Hayes
----------------, 553-555
Carol Groneman
Review Author[s]: David S. Hall
----------------, 555-557
Alice Kuzniar
Review Author[s]: Randall Halle
----------------, 558-561
Jeffrey Merrick, Bryant T. Ragan Jr.
Review Author[s]: Katharine Crawford
----------------, 561-563
Jeffrey P. Moran
Review Author[s]: Victor W. Geraci
----------------, 564-566
Esther Newton
Review Author[s]: Julian B. Carter
----------------, 566-568
Harry Oosterhuis
Review Author[s]: Ann Goldberg
----------------, 569-572
Daphne Patai
Laura W. Stein
Review Author[s]: Russell Eisenman
----------------, 572-574
Cindy Patton, Benigno Sánchez-Eppler
Review Author[s]: Karla Jay
----------------, 574-576
Tom Pendergast
Review Author[s]: Lee Quinby
----------------, 577-579
Ann Marie Plane
Review Author[s]: Sharon Block
----------------, 579-582
Kathryn Schwarz
Review Author[s]: Amy M. Froide
----------------, 582-584
Carol Siegel
Review Author[s]: Caryn E. Neumann
----------------, 584-586
Pete Sigal
Review Author[s]: Richard C. Trexler
----------------, 587-588
Miriam Smith
Review Author[s]: David Churchill
----------------, 588-591
Matthew H. Sommer
Review Author[s]: Sophie Volpp
----------------, 592-594
Jutta Gisela Sperling
Review Author[s]: Monica Chojnacka
----------------, 594-597
Robert Tobin
Review Author[s]: James W. Jones
----------------, 597-601
Janet Todd
Review Author[s]: Marilyn J. Boxer
----------------, 601-605
Ruth Bernard Yeazell
Review Author[s]: Jarrod Hayes
Books of Critical Interest, 606-608
Back Matter

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