Journal of the History of Sexuality, 11, 3, July, 2002

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Front Matter
Editors' Note: Barbara Loomis and William N. Bonds, v-vi
The Garment and the Man: Masculine Desire in "Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies," 1764-1793, 357-394
Elizabeth Campbell Denlinger
Bitches, Mollies, and Tommies: Byron, Masculinity, and the History of Sexualities, 395-438
D. S. Neff
Officers, Gentlemen, "Man-Talk," and Group Sex in the "Old Navy," 1870-1873, 439-456
B. R. Burg
"Sporty" Girls and "Artistic" Boys: Friendship, Illicit Sex, and the British "Companionship" Advertisement, 1913-1928, 457-482
H. G. Cocks
Book Reviews
----------------, 483-487
Robert Aldrich, Garry Wotherspoon
Robert Aldrich, Garry Wotherspoon
Review Author[s]: William Benemann
----------------, 487-488
Dennis Altman
Review Author[s]: Mark Anderson
----------------, 488-490
Mark Blasius
Review Author[s]: Barry D. Adam
----------------, 490-495
Cindy L. Carlson, Angela Jane Weisl
Review Author[s]: Kären Christianson
----------------, 495-498
Federico Garza Carvajal
Review Author[s]: Ann Twinam
----------------, 498-501
Nancy Cott
Review Author[s]: Toby L. Ditz
----------------, 502-504
Roger Davidson
Review Author[s]: Susan R. Grayzel
----------------, 504-513
Nicholas de Jongh
Alan Hunt
Alan Travis
Review Author[s]: Lesley A. Hall
----------------, 513-517
Jonathan Goldberg
Review Author[s]: Jennifer Worley
----------------, 518-520
Jarrod Hayes
Review Author[s]: Ralph Sarkonak
----------------, 520-521
Christian Henriot, Noël Castelino
Review Author[s]: Donna J. Guy
----------------, 521-524
Ian Frederick Moulton
Review Author[s]: Karen Harvey
----------------, 525-527
Deborah Parker
Review Author[s]: Cristelle L. Baskins
----------------, 528-530
Maria Carla Sánchez, Linda Schlossberg
Review Author[s]: Claudia Schaefer
----------------, 530-533
Robert S. Sturges
Review Author[s]: Steven F. Kruger
----------------, 533-536
Simon Watney
Review Author[s]: Peter F. Cohen
Books of Critical Interest, 537-540
Back Matter

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