Journal of the History of Sexuality, 11, 4, October, 2002

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Volume Information
Front Matter
Editors' Note: Barbara Loomis and William N. Bonds, v-vi
Correcting Some Misconceptions about St. Augustine's Sex Life, 545-569
Alan G. Soble
Randy on the Rand: Portuguese African Labor and the Discourse on "Unnatural Vice" in the Transvaal in the Early Twentieth Century, 570-609
Ross G. Forman
"Syphilis, Opiomania, and Pederasty": Colonial Constructions of Vietnamese (And French) Social Diseases, 610-636
Frank Proschan
White-Livered Widders and Bad-Blooded Men: Folk Illness and Sexual Disorder in Southern Appalachia, 637-649
Anthony Cavender, Steve Crowder
Book Reviews
----------------, 650-652
Stephen Angelides
Review Author[s]: Heike Bauer
----------------, 652-657
Emilio Bejel
Review Author[s]: Francisco Soto
----------------, 657-662
B. R. Burg
Review Author[s]: Aaron Belkin
----------------, 662-664
David Caron
Review Author[s]: Lenard R. Berlanstein
----------------, 664-667
Howard P. Chudacoff
Review Author[s]: David D. Doyle Jr.
----------------, 667-670
Jane C. Desmond
Review Author[s]: Bud Coleman
----------------, 670-674
Laura L. Doan
Review Author[s]: Meredith Wood
----------------, 674-677
Donna J. Guy
Review Author[s]: James A. Baer
----------------, 677-681
Dan Healey
Review Author[s]: Anne E. Gorsuch
----------------, 681-683
Cynthia B. Herrup
Review Author[s]: Lisa Cody
----------------, 683-687
Mathew Kuefler
Review Author[s]: William N. Bonds
----------------, 687-689
David Laskin
Review Author[s]: Naomi J. Andrews
----------------, 689-692
Robert S. McElvaine
Review Author[s]: Alexander L. Gerould
----------------, 692-694
Henry L. Minton
Review Author[s]: Peter Boag
----------------, 695-696
Lisa Z. Sigel
Review Author[s]: Alan Sinfield
----------------, 696-700
Merril D. Smith
Review Author[s]: Nancy Isenberg
----------------, 700-702
Sue Taylor
Review Author[s]: Micheline Maccario
Books of Critical Interest, 703-704
Back Matter

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