Journal of the History of Sexuality, 13, 1, January, 2004

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Front Matter
Editors' Note: Barbara Loomis and William N. Bonds, iv
The Sodomitic Lions of Granada, 1-25
Glenn W. Olsen
In the Name of the Law: The "Female Homosexual" and the Criminal Code in Fin de Siècle Germany, 26-48
Tracie Matysik
Regulating Chinese Women's Sexuality during the Japanese Occupation of Manchuria: Reading between the Lines of Wu Ying's "Yu" (Lust) and Yang Xu's Wo de riji (My Diary), 49-70
Norman Smith
Public Pedagogy: Sex Education and Mass Communication in the Mid-Twentieth Century, 71-99
Alison Bashford, Carolyn Strange
Book Reviews
----------------, 100-102
Elizabeth Freeman
Review Author[s]: Karen Dubinsky
----------------, 102-104
Matthew C. Gutmann
Review Author[s]: James A. Baer
----------------, 104-107
Debra Hamel
Review Author[s]: Konstantinos Kapparis
----------------, 107-110
Janice M. Irvine
Review Author[s]: Keith Bates
----------------, 110-113
Kathryn R. Kent
Review Author[s]: Ellen McWhorter
----------------, 113-116
Dorothea E. von Mücke
Review Author[s]: Kristine Swenson
----------------, 116-119
Helmut Puff
Review Author[s]: Joel F. Harrington
----------------, 120-121
Tom Reichert
Review Author[s]: Robert Jensen
----------------, 122-123
Ira L. Reiss, Albert Ellis
Review Author[s]: Carolyn Herbst Lewis
----------------, 124-126
Leila J. Rupp, Verta Taylor
Review Author[s]: Judith Halberstam
----------------, 126-129
Nancy Tuana
Review Author[s]: Melanie Corn
----------------, 130-132
Diane Wolfthal
Review Author[s]: Cynthia Polecritti
Books of Critical Interest, 133-134
Back Matter

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