Journal of the History of Sexuality, 13, 3, July, 2004

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Front Matter
Editors' Note: Barbara Loomis and William N. Bonds, iv
Philosophy in the English Boudoir: Havelock Ellis, Love and Pain, and Sexological Discourses on Algophilia, 275-305
Ivan Crozier
Mephistopheles and Monkeys: Rejuvenation, Race, and Sexuality in Popular Culture in Interwar France, 306-325
Brett A. Berliner
Building a More Stately Closet: French Gay Movements since the Early 1980s, 326-347
Scott Gunther
The Sexual Unification of Germany, 348-365
Ingrid Sharp
Book Reviews
----------------, 366-368
Lois Banner
Review Author[s]: Leila J. Rupp
----------------, 369-372
Peter Boag
Review Author[s]: Terence Kissack
----------------, 373-374
Nan Alamilla Boyd
Review Author[s]: Barry D. Adam
----------------, 375-378
Anna Clark
Review Author[s]: Tim Hitchcock
----------------, 379-382
Mary F. Foskett
Review Author[s]: Sharon L. James
----------------, 382-384
Philippa Levine
Review Author[s]: Nancy Cook
----------------, 384-386
Robert Reynolds
Review Author[s]: Robert Aldrich
----------------, 387-390
Clare L. Taylor
Review Author[s]: Alex Goody
----------------, 390-392
James Grantham Turner
Review Author[s]: Sarah L. Leonard
----------------, 393-395
Lee Wallace
Review Author[s]: Harry Liebersohn
Books of Critical Interest, 396-397
Back Matter

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