Journal of the History of Sexuality, 7, 1, July, 1996

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Front Matter
Wet-Nursing, Onanism, and the Breast in Eighteenth-Century Germany, 1-22
Simon Richter
Anne Lister's Construction of Lesbian Identity, 23-50
Anna Clark
Women Ovulate, Men Spermate: Elizabeth Blackwell as a Feminist Physiologist, 51-72
Kate Krug
"The Inherent Worth and Dignity": Gay Unitarians and the Birth of Sexual Tolerance in Liberal Religion, 73-101
Mark Oppenheimer
Book Reviews
----------------, 102-104
Christine Mitchell Havelock
Review Author[s]: Andrew Stewart
----------------, 105-108
Nancy F. Partner
Review Author[s]: Katherine Gill
----------------, 108-110
Warren Chernaik
Review Author[s]: Anne Russell
----------------, 111-113
Carol Ockman
Review Author[s]: Cristelle L. Baskins
----------------, 113-116
Carol Mavor
Review Author[s]: Ellen Handy
----------------, 116-118
Jill L. Matus
Review Author[s]: Claudia S. Klaver
----------------, 118-120
Anna Clark
Review Author[s]: Deirdre d'Albertis
----------------, 121-122
Richard Dellamora
Review Author[s]: Thomas Dukes
----------------, 123-125
Alan Sinfield
Review Author[s]: Michael Lucey
----------------, 126-128
Ruth M. Alexander
Review Author[s]: Felicia Kornbluh
----------------, 128-130
Atina Grossmann
Review Author[s]: Jean H. Quataert
----------------, 131-134
Julie Glamuzina, Alison J. Laurie, B. Ruby Rich
Julie Glamuzina, Jenny Rankine
Review Author[s]: Michèle D. Dominy
----------------, 134-137
Karla Jay
Review Author[s]: Carla Freccero
----------------, 137-139
John Gill
Review Author[s]: Ivan Raykoff
----------------, 139-141
Alice S. Rossi
Review Author[s]: Beth Rushing
Books of Critical Interest, 142-145
Back Matter

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