Latin American Music Review, 2, 1, Spring, 1981/ Summer, 1981

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Front Matter
Magical Protection Songs of the Warao Indians -- Part II: Spirits, 1-10
Dale A. Olsen
La "Nueva Trova": New Cuban Song, 11-44
Rina Benmayor
The Rise and Fall of Indian Music in the California Missions, 45-65
Larry Warkentin
A Structural Approach to the Rural Society and Music of the Río de la Plata and Southern Brazil, 66-90
Daniel Mendoza de Arce
Trends in Recent Brazilian Piano Music, 91-102
David P. Appleby
A Música Instrumental Xavante, 103-129
Desidério Aytai
O Século XIX na Pesquisa Histórico-Musical Brasileira: Necessidade de sua Reconsideração, 130-142
Antonio Alexandre Bispo
----------------, 144-147
Isabel Aretz
Review Author[s]: Carol E. Robertson
----------------, 147-155
John Donald Robb
Review Author[s]: James K. Leger
----------------, 155-157
Lila R. Cheville, Richard A. Cheville
Review Author[s]: Ronald Smith
----------------, 158-160
Luis Felipe Ramón Y Rivera
Review Author[s]: Gerard Béhague
----------------, 160-162
Mario Agustín Llanes, María Vecca, Zacarías P. Olmedo, Blas Alberto Velázquez
Review Author[s]: Guy Bensusan
Communications and Announcements, 165-169
Back Matter

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