Latin American Music Review, 3, 1, Spring, 1982/ Summer, 1982

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Front Matter
Latin American Ethnomusicology: A Discussion of Central America and Northern South America, 1-16
Ronald R. Smith
Ecuadorian, Peruvian, and Brazilian Ethnomusicology: A General View, 17-35
Gerard Béhague
"El Hijo del Pueblo": José Alfredo Jiménez and the Mexican "Canción Ranchera", 36-59
William Gradante
Guatemala a través de su Marimba, 60-72
Carlos Monsanto
A Música Popular num Romance Brasileiro de Trinta: Das "Memórias de um Sargento de Milícias a Marafa", 73-91
Charles A. Perrone
A Musical Analysis of the Cuban Rumba, 92-123
Larry Crook
A Latin American in New York: Alejandro Monestel, 124-127
Charles T. Brown
----------------, 128-129
Bernal Flores
Review Author[s]: Gerard Béhague
Letters to the Editor
Communications and Announcements, 138-145
Back Matter

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