Latin American Music Review, 5, 2, Fall, 1984/ November, 1984

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Front Matter
The Language of Power: Music, Order, and Redemption, 129-160
Richard Chase Smith
Semanticity and Melody: Parameters of Contrast in Shavante Vocal Expression, 161-185
Laura Graham
Popular Music in Puerto Rico: Toward an Anthropology of "Salsa", 186-216
Jorge Duany
New Currents in "Música Folklórica" in La Paz, Bolivia, 217-242
Gilka Wara Céspedes
The Guitarist-Singer of Pre-1900 Gaucho Literature, 243-262
Richard Pinnell
Contemporary Composers in Costa Rica, 263-276
Ronald R. Sider
----------------, 277-286
Robert Günther
Review Author[s]: Antonio Alexandre Bispo
----------------, 286-289
George List
Review Author[s]: Max H. Brandt
----------------, 289-293
Américo Valencia Chacón
Review Author[s]: Thomas Turino
----------------, 293-306
A Cappella Choir of UCLA, Roger Wagner
Review Author[s]: Lester D. Brothers
Communications and Announcements, 307-309
Back Matter

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