Latin American Music Review, 11, 1, Spring, 1990/ Summer, 1990

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Front Matter
Musical Change and Cultural Resistance in the Central Andes of Peru, 1-35
Raúl R. Romero
Cayetano Carreño (1774-1836): En Torno a su Cuna y su Obra. A Robert Stevenson, ofrenda de admiración, 36-62
Miguel Castillo Didier
Paradoxical Ethnicity: Puerto Rican Musicians in Post World War I New York City, 63-72
Ruth Glasser
From Popular Culture to Microenterprise: The History of Brazilian Samba Schools, 73-83
Alison Raphael
Notes on the Inauguration of the San Juan (Puerto Rico) Municipal Theater, 84-91
Donald Thompson
Letter to the Editor
Convergências: poesia concreta e tropicalismo
Lúcia Santaella
Pequena história de música popular: da modinha ao tropicalismo
José Ramos Tinhorão
A canção: eficácia e encanto
Luiz Tatit
Música impopular
Júlio Medaglia
MPB: o canto e a canção
José Maria De Souza Dantas
Songbook: Caetano Veloso
Almir Chediak
Review Author[s]: Charles A. Perrone
----------------, 102-106
Hugo López Chirico
Review Author[s]: Gerard Béhague
----------------, 106-109
Olavo Alén R.
Review Author[s]: Gerard Béhague
----------------, 109-110
Richard K. Spottswood
Review Author[s]: Daniel J. Crowley
----------------, 110-113
Brian Moser, Donald Tyler
Review Author[s]: Egberto Bermúdez
Communications and Announcements, 114-115
Back Matter

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