Latin American Music Review, 11, 2, Fall, 1990/ November, 1990

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Front Matter
Drum Patterns in the "Batuque" of Benedito Caxias, 115-181
Gerhard Kubik
The Cuban "Son" as Form, Genre, and Symbol, 182-200
James Robbins
Contemporary Ethnomusicology in Mexico, 201-250
Steven Loza
La Música Tradicional Garífuna en Guatemala, 251-280
Alfonso Arrivillaga Cortés
"Muros Verdes" and the Creation of a New Musical Space, 281-285
Ricardo Miranda-Pérez
Salsa: Latin Music of New York and Puerto Rico
Jeremy Marre
Salsa! The Latin Music of New York and Puerto Rico
Jeremy Marre, Hannah Charlton
Plena Is Work, Plena Is Song
Pedro A. Rivera, Susan Zeig
Music, Social Classes, and the National Question of Puerto Rico
A. G. Quintero Rivera
Review Author[s]: Jorge Duany
----------------, 296-310
Pérez Fernández, Rolando Antonio
Review Author[s]: Steven Loza
----------------, 310-312
Jeremy Marre
Jeremy Marre, Hannah Charlton
Review Author[s]: Robert Witmer
Communications and Announcements, 313-316
Back Matter

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