Latin American Music Review, 12, 2, Fall, 1991/ November, 1991

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Front Matter
"La lucha sonora": Dominican Popular Music in the Post-Trujillo Era, 105-123
Deborah Pacini Hernández
Instrumentos musicales tradicionales en la comunidad artesanal Walata Grande, Bolivia, 124-159
Ramiro Gutiérrez Condori
A Recurring Melodic Cell in the Music of Carlos Chávez, 160-172
Robert L. Parker
African-Derived Rhythmical and Metrical Elements in Selected Songs of Alejandro García Caturla and Amadeo Roldán, 173-186
José Manuel Lezcano
Estilo e Personalidade na Música do Ciclo do Ouro em Minas Gerais, 187-199
Guilherme Werlang
----------------, 200-204
Juan Carlos Estenssoro
Review Author[s]: Gerard Béhague
Record Reviews
----------------, 204-216
Carlos Alberto Coba Andrade, José Peñín, Ronny Velásquez, Marcelo Valdospinos Rubio
Review Author[s]: John M. Schechter
----------------, 216-220
Michel Blaise
Review Author[s]: Ronald R. Smith
----------------, 220-221
T. M. Scruggs
Review Author[s]: Robert Garfias
Back Matter

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