Latin American Music Review, 17, 2, Fall, 1996/ November, 1996

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Front Matter
This Issue of LAMR Is Dedicated to Professor Robert M. Stevenson
Musical Difference, Competition, and Conflict: The Maracatu Groups in the Pernambuco Carnival, Brazil, 97-119
Tiago de Oliveira Pinto
Co-option, Cultural Resistance, and Afro-Brazilian Identity: A History of the "Pagode" Samba Movement in Rio de Janeiro, 120-149
Philip Galinsky
The New Mexican Early Ballad Tradition: Reconsidering the New Mexican Folklorists' Contribution to Songs of Intercultural Conflict, 150-171
Peter J. García
Letter to the Editor
¡Salsa! Havana Beat, Bronx Beat
Hernando Calvo Ospina, Nick Caistor
Rumba: Dance and Social Change in Contemporary Cuba
Yvonne Daniel
My Music Is My Flag: Puerto Rican Musicians and Their New York Communities, 1917-1940
Ruth Glasser
Essays on Cuban Music: North American and Cuban Perspectives
Peter Manuel
Caribbean Currents: Caribbean Music from Rumba to Reggae
Peter Manuel, Kenneth Bilby, Michael Largey
Bachata: A Social History of Dominican Popular Music
Deborah Pacini Hernández
Life on the Hyphen: The Cuban-American Way
Gustavo Pérez Firmat
Review Author[s]: Jorge Duany
----------------, 193-195
Les Blank
Review Author[s]: Steven Cornelius
----------------, 195-199
Gisela Cánepa-Koch
Raúl Romero
Review Author[s]: Zoila Mendoza-Walker
Communications and Announcements, 200-202
Back Matter

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