Latin American Music Review, 18, 1, Spring, 1997/ Summer, 1997

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Front Matter
Viewing the Ethnomusicological Past: Jesuit Influences on Araucanian Music in Colonial Chile, 1-29
Beth K. Aracena
Decoding Oral Musical Tradition: Yagua Women's Songs, a Case Study, 30-43
Susana Weich-Shahak
Embedded Truths: Creativity and Context in Spiritual Baptist Music, 44-56
Stephen D. Glazier
Nuevos datos sobre la historia de la música en Puerto Rico: Pedro Núñez de Ortega, arcabucero y maestro de capilla, 57-67
Rita Goldberg
O Dinheiro na Música Popular Brasileira, 68-112
Ruben George Oliven
----------------, 113-123
Simon Collier, Artemis Cooper, Maria Susana Azzi, Richard Martin
Martha E. Savigliano
Review Author[s]: Pablo Vila
----------------, 124-126
Gabriel Pareyon
Review Author[s]: E. Thomas Stanford
----------------, 126-129
Zoila Gomez Garcia, Victoria Eli Rodriguez
Review Author[s]: Gerard Béhague
----------------, 129-140
Elizabeth McAlister
Review Author[s]: Voegeli Juste-Constant
Communications and Announcements, 141-143
Back Matter

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