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Joyce Studies Annual 1999

Thomas F. Staley
Copyright and the Ends of Ownership: The Case for a Public-Domain Ulysses in America
Robert Spoo
The Source(s) of Joyce's Anti-Semitism in Ulysses
Erwin R. Steinberg
'A Very Pretty Picture M. Matisse But You Must Not Call It Joyce': The Making of the Limited Editions Club Ulysses. With Lewis Daniel's Unpublished Ulysses Illustrations
Will Goodwin
Dante, Joyce, Beckett, and the Use of Memory in the Process of Literary Creation
Paul Gleason
Beckett - Mauthner - Zimmer - Joyce
Dirk Van Hulle


'All off for a buster': An Early Version"
James P. Sullivan
Letter Regarding Briggs' 'The Full Stop at the End of "Ithaca": Thirteen Ways—and Then Some—of Looking at a Black Dot'
Jayne Blankenship

Joyce Studies Annual 1998

This volume is out of print.

Thomas F. Staley
The "Garbled History" of the First-edition Ulysses
Edward L. Bishop
Richard Chenevix Trench and Joyce's Historical Study of Words
Gregory M. Downing
Ulysses in a Russian Looking-Glass
Sergey S. Horujy
Toni Morrison's Funk at Finnegans Wake
Sheldon Brivic
Jacob Schwartz-"The Fly in the Honey"
William S. Brockman

1997 Annual

Thomas F. Staley
Joyce's Portrait: Centered Mazes and Decentered Universes
James L. Calderwood
Voyeuristic Utopias and Lascivious Cities: Leopold Bloom, Urban Spectatorship and Social Reform
Tracey Teets Schwarze
SCRIPTSIGNS: Variants of Iconicity in Joyce and Their Cultural Contexts
Wilhelm Füger
The Manystorytold of the Wake : How Narrative Was Made to Inform the Non-Narrativity of Night
David Hayman
The Freudful Couchmare Revisited: Contextualizing Joyce and the New Psychology
Wim Van Mierlo
Waking to Obscurity: Finnegans Wake and John of the Cross' Dark Night
Colleen Jaurretche

Notes and Documents

Two Notes on Finnegans Wake : Joyce, Maria Edgeworth, George Orwell
Michael Seidel
Chemistry and Physics in Finnegans Wake, Part III
Harry Burrell
Letter re Briggs' 'Ithaca's Dot'
Friedhelm Rathjen

1996 Annual

Thomas F. Staley
The Magic Lantern of Tradition on A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Sidney Feshbach
Cultural Nativism and Irish-Ireland: The Leader as a Source for Joyce's Ulysses
Timothy G. McMahon
Joyce's 'hallucinian via': Mysteries, Gender, and the Staging of 'Circe'
Marsanne Brammer
The Full Stop at the End of 'Ithaca': Thirteen Ways—and Then Some—of Looking at a Black Dot
Austin Briggs
Finnegans Wake: The Issue of Issy's Schizophrenia
Margaret McBride
'When Lovely Wooman Stoops to Conk Him': Virginia Woolf in Finnegans Wake
Kelly Anspaugh

Notes and Documents

Chemistry and Physics in Finnegans Wake
Harry Burrell
Bernard Benstock (1930-1994)
Zack Bowen

1995 Annual

Thomas F. Staley
On Friendship in Joyce
Jacques Aubert
The Postmodernity of Joyce: Chance, Coincidence, and the Reader
Derek Attridge
Elliot Paul's Interwar 'Whodunits'
Arnold Goldman
Jarry in Joyce: A Conversation
William Anastasi with Michael Seidel
Leopold's Travels: Swiftian Optics in Joyce's 'Cyclops'
Philip Sicker
The Complexity of Finnegans Wake
Thomas Jackson Rice
Joyce's Sources: Les grands fleuves historiques
Inge Landuyt and Geert Lernout
Annual James Joyce Checklist: 1994
Will Goodwin
Why Lambay? Ascot or Epsom?
Friedhelm Rathjen

1994 Annual

Thomas F. Staley
Approaching Reality in 'Circe'
John Gordon
Re: Covering Ulysses
Edward L. Bishop
American Librarians and Early Censorship of Ulysses: 'Aiding the Cause of Free Expression'?
William S. Brockman
Dantellising Peaches and Miching Daddy, the Gushy Old Goof: The Browning Case and Finnegans Wake
Robert M. Polhemus
By Jingo: Genetic Criticism of Finnegans Wake
R. J. Schork
Annual James Joyce Checklist: 1993
Will Goodwin
Greek Gifts: Ulysses into Fox in VI.B.10
Vincent Deane
More on Joyce and Russia: Or Ulysses on the Moscow River
Neil Cornwell
The Letter of James Joyce: Repositories and Publications
Richard B. Watson
Letter: Some Comments on Vincent Cheng's Empire and Patriarchy in 'The Dead' in JSA 93
Patrick J. Ledden
Index to Joyce Studies Annual 1990-1994

1993 Annual

Thomas F. Staley
The James Joyce/Paul Léon Papers in the National Library of Ireland: Observations on Their Cataloguing and Research Potential
Catherine Fahy
Empire and Patriarchy in The Dead
Vincent J. Cheng
'Sounds are Impostures': From Patronymics to Dante's Trombetta
Corinna del Greco Lobner
Vico, Natural Law Philosophy, and Joyce's Ireland
Thomas C. Hofheinz
The Perversions of Aerse and the Anglo-Irish Middle Voice is Finnegans Wake
Laurent Milesi
'Catalogue these books': Joyce Bibliographies, Checklists, Catalogs, and Desiderata
William S. Brockman
Annual James Joyce Checklist: 1992
Will Goodwin

Notes and Documents

The Origin of Dubliners: A Source
Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon
A Giornalista Triestino: James Joyce's Letter to Il Marzocco
Corinnna del Greco Lobner
Joyce and Modernism in the John Rodker Archive
Elizabeth Dunn
Joyce and Russia
Sidney Monas
Royal Losers
John Gordon

1992 Annual

This volume is out of print.

Thomas F. Staley
Ireland and James Joyce: Documents from the National Archive
Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon, Editors
'Jewgreek is greekjew': The Disturbing Ambivalence of Joyce's Semitic Discours in Ulysses
Bryan Cheyette
The New Midrash: Finnegans Wake
Morton P. Levitt
'Unriddling the Writing': The Letters of James Joyce, Volume I
Ira B. Nadel
Stanislaus Joyce, Ellsworth Mason, and Richard Ellmann: The Making of James Joyce
Joseph Kelly
The Joyce Calendar: A Chronological Listing of Unpublished and Ungathered Letters by James Joyce
Richard B. Watson and Randolph Lewis, Compilers
Annual James Joyce Checklist: 1991
Will Goodwin

Notes and Documents

Rapprochement with a Very Old Man: Joyce's London Meetings with George Moore
Adrian Frazier
Moune Gilbert's 'Remembrances'
Ira B. Nadel
'Wroth Wrackt Joyce': Samuel Roth and the 'Not Quite Unathorized' Edition of Ulysses
Adelaide Kugel
Henry Miller on Joyce vs. Lawrence
Charles Rossman

1991 Annual

This volume is out of print.

Thomas F. Staley
The Catholic Revival and 'The Dead'
Willard Potts
Women on the Market: Commodity Culture, 'Femininity', and 'Those Lovely Seaside Girls' in Joyce's Ulysses
Garry M. Leonard
Thirteen Ways of Looking at an Ad-Canvasser: Bloom and the Politics of Joyce Criticism
Jeffrey Seagall
The Incomplete Joyce
Ira B. Nadel
White Horse, Dark Horse: Joyce's Allhorse of Another Color
Vincent J. Cheng
The Hieroglyphs of Engined Egypsians: Machines, Media,and Modes of Communication in Finnegans Wake
Donald F. Theall
'The Look in the Throat of a Stricken Animal': Joyce as Met by Djuna Barnes
Bonnie Kime Scott
From History to Memories: Joyce's Chateaubriand as Celtic Palampcestor
Jacques Aubert
Annual James Joyce Checklist: 1990
Will Goodwin

Notes and Documents

Darantiere and the Ulysses Page Proofs
'Thank Maurice': A Note about Maurice Darantiere
Jean-Michel Rabaté
The Provenance of the Final Corrected Page Proofs of James Joyce's Ulysses
Richard Watson
Conservation Treatment for the Final Pages Proofs of James Joyce's Ulysses
Sue Murphy
No Allegory Where None Inteded: Beckett and Boyle on Joyce
The Editors

1990 Annual

Thomas F. Staley
Selection From the Paris Diary of Stuart Gilbert, 1929-1934
Thomas F. Staley and Randolph Lewis, Editors
In Quest of a nisus formativus Joyceanus
Fritz Senn
I Think Her Pretty: Reflections of the Familiar in Joyce's Notebook VI.B.5
David Hayman
The Politics of Childhood in 'The Mime of Mick, Nick, and the Maggies'
Margot Norris
The Anti-Schematics fo Finnegans Wake
Mernard Benstock
Yet Another Anthology for the 'Oxen': Murison's Selections
Robert Janusko
Eros and Apposition: Giacomo Joyce
Richard Brown
Beyond Translation: Italian Re-writing of Finnegans Wake
Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli
Narrative Gifts: 'Cyclops' and the Economy of Excess
Mark Osteen
Annual James Joyce Checklist: 1989
Will Goodwin

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