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#60, Fall 2007 - Documentary Now

Q&A: Poetics of the Documentary Film Interview
Leger Grindon
Contemporary Documentary Film and "Archive Fever": History, the Fragment, the Joke
Jaimie Baron
Documentary Stories for Change: Viewing and Producing Immigrant Narratives as Social Documents
Alicia Kemmitt
"Gangs Gone Wild": Low-Budget Gang Documentaries and the Aesthetics of Exploitation
Colin Gunckel
Familial Pursuits, Editorial Acts: Documentaries after the Age of Home Video
Marsha Orgeron and Devin Orgeron
Comedy Verité? The Observational Documentary Meets the Televisual Sitcom
Ethan Thompson
Darfur Diaries: An Interview with Jen Marlowe and Adam Shapiro
Matt Sienkiewicz and Rachel Bicicchi
Dossier: The Role of Documentary in the Contemporary American Political Scene
edited by Dave Resha, Mark Minett, Charlie Michael, and Colin Burnett

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#59, Spring 2007 - Pornography

Prurient Pictures and Popular Film: The Crisis of Pornographic Representation
Catherine Zuromskis
Sound and Performance in Stephen Sayadian's Night Dreams and Café Flesh
Jacob Smith
Porn Star as Brand: Pornification and the Intermedia Career of Rakel Liekki
Kaarina Nikunen and Susanna Paasonen
Hard-core Shopping: Educating Consumption in SIR Video Production's Lesbian Porn
Ragan Rhyne
What Soft-core Can Do for Porn Studies
David Andrews
An Interview with Peter Lehman and Linda Williams

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#58, Fall 2006 - Narrative & Storytelling

Emotional Curves and Linear Narratives
Patrick Keating
From Beats to Arcs: Toward a Poetics of Television Narrative
Michael Z. Newman
Narrative Complexity in Contemporary American Television
Jason Mittell
Narration in the Cinema of Digital Sound
Mark Kerins
Narrative Structure in The Sixth Sense: A New Twist in "Twist Movies"?
Erlend Lavik
Contingency, Order, and the Modular Narrative: 21 Grams and Irreversible
Allan Cameron

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#57, Spring 2006 - Authorship

The Cinema of Affections: The Transformation of Authorship in British Cinema before 1907
Joe Kember
Studio Authorship, Warner Bros., and The Fountainhead
Jerome Christensen
"Some Kind of a Man": Orson Welles as Touch of Evil's Masculine Auteur
Brooke Rollins
A Point of Little Hope: Hippie Horror Films and the Politics of Ambivalence
Matt Becker
Marketing David Mamet: Institutionally Assigned Film Authorship in Contemporary American Cinema
Yannis Tzioumakis
Exorcizing/Exercising Treachery: Robust Subjectivity in Lourdes Portillo's The Devil Never Sleeps
Mónica F. Torres
Technology in Search of an Artist: Questions of Auteurism/Authorship and the Contemporary Cinematic Experience
Anna Notaro

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#56, Fall 2005 - DVDs

Making-of Documentaries on DVD: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Special Editions
Craig Hight
Unwrapping Archives: DVD Restoration Demonstrations and the Marketing of Authenticity
Nathan Carroll
The Criterion Collection in the New Home Video Market: An Interview with Susan Arosteguy
Bradley Schauer
Star Wars Fans, DVD, and Cultural Ownership: An Interview with Will Brooker
Derek Johnson
Anime Fans, DVDs and the Authentic Text
Laurie Cubbison
Aspect Ratios and Joe Six-Packs: Home Theater Enthusiasts' Battle to Legitimize the DVD Experience
James Kendrick

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#55, Spring 2005 - Defining the Americas: Media Within/Across Borders

Film Noir and the American Dream: The Dark Side of Enlightenment
Ken Hillis
Spitfire: Lupe Vélez and the Ambivalent Pleasures of Ethnic Masquerade
Victoria Sturtevant
An Interview with Lourdes Portillo
The PBS and NAATA Connection: Comparing the Public Spheres of Asian American Film and Video
Jun Okada
Frozen, But Always in Motion: Arctic Film, Video, and Broadcast
Jerry White

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#54, Fall 2004 - Innovation and Experimentation

Cinematography With Tears: The Que Viva Mexico! Debate and the Formation of the American Popular Front in Film Theory and Criticism
Chris Robe
Choosing Between Expediency and Refusing to See the Light of Competition: Liveness, Sound-on-Disc Recording, and the Economics of Network Broadcasting
Alex Russo
Claiming a Style: The Living Cinema of Pierre Perrault's Pour la suite du monde
Charles Michael
Masters of Ceremony: Media Demonstration as Performance in Three Instances of Expanded Cinema [John Whitney, Experiment in Motion Graphics (1967); Stan Vanderbeek, TV Interview (1967); Andy Warhol, Inner and Outer Space (1965)]
Roy Grundmann
An Interview With Anthony McCall
Jonathan Walley

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#53, Spring 2004 - Subculture, Deviance, and Normalcy in Post-1969 Film and Television

Panel Discussion on "Deviance": Bill Chambliss, Aaron Doyle, and Jimmie Reeves
The Editors
Beyond the Black Macho: Queer Blaxploitation
Joe Wlodarz
Lesbian "Making-of" Documentaries and the Production of Lesbian Sex
Kelly Hankin
Reconsidering The Idiots: Dogme95, Lars von Trier, and the Cinema of Subversion?
Tim Walters
D-Cinema: A Timeline of Experimental and Mainstream Uses of Digital Technology
The Editors
An Interview with Rachel Raimist
The Editors
Freaks, Aliens, and the Social Other: Representations of Student Stratification in U.S. Television's First Post-Columbine Season
Murray Forman
Reality Bites and Generation X as Spectator
Jonathon I. Oake

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#52, Fall 2003 - Science Fiction and the Fantastic

David Cronenberg's Crash and Performing Cyborgs
Christine Cornea
"Still in the Game": Cyber-transformations of "the new flesh" in David Cronenberg's eXistenZ
Lia Hotchkiss
Like a Monstrous Jigsaw Puzzle: Genetics and Race in Horror Films of the 1950s
Patrick Gonder
Fantasy, Franchises and Frodo Baggins: The Lord of the Rings and Modern Hollywood
Kristin Thompson

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#51, Spring 2003 - Sounding Off: Film Sound/Film Music

The Uncanny Body of Early Sound Film
Robert Spadoni
Audition: Making Sense of/in the Cinema
Craig Sinclair
Black Faces, White Voices: The Politics of Dubbing in Carmen Jones
Jeff Smith
Lyrical Nationalism: Gender, Friendship, and Excess in 1970s Hindi Cinema
Priya Jha
"God Give Me Strength": The Melodramatic Sound Tracks of Director Allison Anders
Debra White-Stanley
An Interview with Rick Altman
The Editors
Panel Discussion on Film Sound/Film Music: Jim Buhler, Anahid Kassabian, David Neumeyer, and Robynn Stilwell

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#50, Fall 2002 - Advertising and Promotion

Promoting Otherness in Films: Blackness and the Primitive in Early Hollywood Advertising Imagery
James Latham
Capitalizing Their Charms: Cinema Stars and Physical Culture in the 1920s
Heather Addison
"Having a Female Body Doesn't Make You Feminine": Feminine Hygiene Advertising in 1970s TV
Elana Levine
Recontextualizing the Historical Reception of Blaxploitation: Articulations of Class, Black Nationalism, and Anxiety in the Genre's Advertisements
Jon Kraszewski
Ethnic Food Fetishism, Whiteness and Nostalgia in Recent Film and Television
Diane Negra
Wheat, Barley, Hops, Citizenship: Molson's "I am Canadian" Campaign and the Defence of Canadian National Identity through Advertising
Ira Wagman

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#49, Spring 2002 - Beauty Marks

From Elegance to Extravaganza: The Supremes on The Ed Sullivan Show as a Presentation of Beauty
Jaap Kooijman
Buying John Malkovich: Queering and Consuming Millennial Masculinity
Cynthia Baron
Interview with Thomas Waugh
Interview with Yvonne Tasker
Dancer from the Dance: Gene Kelly, Television, and The Beauty of Movement
David A. Gerstner
A Real Lack of Costumes: Some Thoughts on the Unclothed Figure in the Films of Peter Greenaway
Keith Gumery

#48, Fall 2001 - Children, Teens, and the Media

The Kid from The Kid: Jackie Coogan and the Consolidation of Child Consumerism
Rob King
"Like Nickels in a Slot": Children of the American Working Classes at the Neighborhood Movie House
Jeffrey F. Klenotic
"Calculated Violence and Viciousness"—The British Critical Reaction to Elvis Presley's King Creole
Andrew James Caine
"A bit of earth": Sexuality and the Representation of Childhood in Text and Screen Versions of The Secret Garden
Máire Messenger Davies
Youth, Leisure and Voyeurism in MTV's Undressed
Jason Middleton
Perverse and Improper Pedagogies: The Case of Freddy's Fingers and Russell's Head
Sara Bragg

# 47, Spring 2001 - Diverse Audiences, Changing Genres: The Evolving Landscape of Film and Television in the Age of Specialized Audiences

"I Laughed and Cringed at the Same Time...": Shaping Pedophilic Discourse Around American Beauty and Happiness.
Casey McKittrick
Cartoon Realism: Genre Mixing and the Social Life of The Simpsons
Jason Mittel
The Short-Lived Life of the Hollywood LSD Film
Harry Benshoff
"Professional Television": Three (Super)Texts and a (Super)Genre
Steve Bailey
Lifetime on the Street: Textual Strategies of Syndication
Jonathan Nichols-Pethick

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#46 Fall 2000 - Religion and the Media

Onward Christian Soldiers?: A Review Essay
Heather Hendershot
"The Most Dangerous Anti-Semitic Photoplay in Filmdom": American Jews and The King of Kings (DeMille, 1927)
Felicia Herman
"Evil" Images in At Play in the Fields of the Lord: Evangelicals and Representations of Sexuality in Contemporary Film
Todd Rendleman
Welcome Home? CBS, PAX-TV and 'Heartland' Values in a Neo-Network Era
Victoria Johnson
Celluloid Sisters: Femininity, Religiosity and the Postwar American Nun Film
Rebecca Sullivan
Media fandom, religiosity, and cult(ural) studies
Matthew Hills

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#45 Spring 2000 - Realities: Images and Interpretations of the Real

This issue is out of print, but single article purchases are still available.

Icon of Real War: A Harvest of Death and American War Photography
by Geoffrey Klingsporn
"Everything's Coming Up Rosie": Empower America, Rosie O' Donnell, and the Construction of Daytime Reality
by Jennifer Wang
Narrative Control and Visual Polysemy: FOX Surveillance Specials and the Limits of Legitimation
by Tarleton Gillespie
True Fictions: Women's Narratives and Historical Trauma
by Bliss Cua Lim
Media Whores and Perverse Media: Documentary Film Meets Tabloid TV in Nick Broomfield's Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer
by Paige Schilt

Book Reviews

#44 Fall 1999 - Beyond the Image: Race and Ethnicity in the Media

The Editors
Screening Race: Responses to Theater Violence at Boyz N the Hood and New Jack City
Laura Baker
Living Room Levantine: Immigration, Ethnicity, and the Border in Early Israeli Television
Tasha Oren
Using Strange Texts to Teach Race, Ethnicity, and the Media
Walter R. Jacobs and Dwight E. Brooks
Shipwrecked Spectators: Italy's Immigrants at the Movies in New York, 1906-1916
Giorgio Bertellini
From the Cozy to the Carceral: Trans-formations of Ethnic Space in The Goldbergs and Seinfeld
Vincent Brook
But Things is Changin' Nowadays and Mammy's Gettin' Bored: Hattie McDaniel and the Culture of Dissemblance
Victoria Sturtevant
Form and Function: Superstardom and Aesthetics in the Music Videos of Michael and Janet Jackson
Jason King

Book Reviews

#43 Spring 1999 — Ideologies

Beavis is Just Confused: Ideologies, Inter-Texts, Audiences
Melanie Nash
There's No Place Like Home: The American Dream, African-American Identity and the Situation Comedy
Bambi Haggins
Not an Immaculate Reception
Laurie Schulze
Performativity in Disguise: Ideology and the Denaturalization of Identity in Theory and in The Crying Game
Susan Lurie
Race-ing Noir and Replacing History: The Mulatta and Memory in One False Move and Devil in a Blue Dress
Justus Nieland

Book Reviews

#42 Fall 1998 - Audiences and Reception

The New Media Aristocrats: Home Theater and the Domestic Film Experience
Barbara Klinger
'The Moral Part of the Story Was Great:' Frank Capra and Film Education in the 1930s
Eric Smoodin
Prime-Time TV in the Gay '90s: Network TV, Quality Audiences, and Gay Audiences
Ron Becker
Sob Stories, Merriment, and Surprises: The 1950s Audience Participation Show on Network Television and Women's Daytime Reception
Marsha F. Cassidy
Movie Mad: Audiences and Censorship in a California Town, 1916-1926
George Potamianos
Stealing the Spectacle: Gay Audiences and the Queering of Douglas Fairbanks' Body
Daniell Cornell
Understanding Grassroots Audiences: Imagination, Reception, and Use in Community Videography
Cindy Hing-Yuk Wong

Book Reviews

#41 Spring 1998 - Rethinking Genders

A Rebel Without a Choice?: Femme Spectatorship in Hollywood Cinema
Kelly Hankin
Transgender, Transgenre, and the Transnational: Sally Potter's Orlando
Anne Ciecko
This Laboratory, My Body: A Conversation with Alluquére Rosanne Stone
Bryan Fruth and Frances Guilfoyle
Unheimlich Maneuvers: The Genres and Genders of Transsexual Documentary
Christie Milliken
Lacandom: Playing with French Letters
Kathleen McHugh
Queer Readings/Queer Cinema: An Examination of the Early Work of Todd Haynes
K. Burdette

Book Review

#40 Fall 1997 - Transnational Media

Fighting the American Invasion with Cricket, Roses, and Marmalade for Breakfast
Michael Walsh
First and Finest: British Films on U.S. Television in the Late 1940s
Barbara Wilinsky
Speaking Tongues: Voice Dubbing in the Cinema as Cultural Ventriloquism
Antje Ascheid
Consuming the Planet: Planet Hollywood, Stars, and the Global Consumer Culture
Josh Stenger
Global, National, Local? Some Problems of Culture in a Postmodern World
John Fiske

Book Reviews

#39 Spring 1997 - Stars

Masquerades of Massacre: Gender, Genre, and the Gulf War TV Star System
James Castonguay
Masculinity in Translation: Jackie Chan's Transcultural Star Text
Mark Gallagher
Trying Hard to Hear You: Jean Arthur and the Problematics of Presence
Taylor Harrison
White and Black in Black and White: Management of Race and Sexuality in the Coupling of Child-Star Shirley Temple and Bill Robinson
Karen Orr Vered

Special Attraction

'Another being we have created called 'us': Point of View, Melancholia, and the Joking Unconscious in The Bridges of Madison County
Walter Metz

Book Reviews

#38 Fall 1996 - New Masculinities

Masculine/Feminine: The 'New Masculinity' in Tootsie
Frank P. Tomasulo
On Fathers and Sons, Sex and Death: John Singleton's Boyz N the Hood
Glen Masato Mimura
'Can You Feel It, Joe?': Male Melodrama and the Feeling Man
Joy Van Fuqua
'More Than a Woman': Music, Masculinity and Male Spectacle in Saturday Night Fever and Staying Alive
Jeff Yanc

Special Attraction

Economic Constraints/Economic Opportunities: Robert Altman as Auteur
Justin Wyatt

#37 Spring 1996 - Feuillade and the French Serial


The Thrills of Grande Peur : Crime Series and Serials in the Belle Epoque
Richard Abel
La Nouvelle Mission de Feuillade; or, What Was Mise-en-Scene?
David Bordwell
A Tale of Two Prologues: Actors and Roles, Detectives and Disguises in Fantomas, Film and Novel
Tom Gunning
Zones of Anxiety: Movement, Musidora, and the Crime Serials of Louis Feuillade
Vicki Callahan
Serial Killings: Fantomas, Feuillade, and the Mass-Culture Genealogy of Surrealism
Robin Walz
Tih-Minh, Out I : On the Nonreception of Two French Serials
Jonathan Rosenbaum
Vendemiaire (1918): Going beyond the Serial and the Latin Tradition
Francois de la Breteque
Serial Melodrama and Narrative Gesellschaft
Ben Singer
Palaces and Holes in the Wall: Conditions of Exhibition in Paris on the Eve of World War I
Jean-Jacques Meusy

#36 Fall 1995 - Technology & Representation

'Well, who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?': A Problem of Digital Photography
Michael Punt
'Filming the Family': Home Movie Systems and the Domestication of Spectatorship
Moya Luckett
Camcorder Dos and Don'ts: Popular Discourses on Amateur Video and Participatory Television
Laurie Ouellette
In the Frame of Roger Rabbit: Visual Compositing in Film
Mark J. P. Wolf
Surfing through 'TV Land': Notes toward a Theory of 'Video Bites' and Their Function on Cable TV
Megan Mullen
Thou Shall Not Steal Television: Signal Theft in the Age of Information
Tim Anderson

VLT #35 Spring 1995 - Making Histories

'Both Kinds of Arms': Remembering the Civil War
Tara McPherson
Marginal Marginalia: The African-American Voice in the Nouvelle Gangster Film
Mark Winokur
'L'affaire Praslin' and All This, and Heaven Too: Gender, Genre, and History in the 1940s Woman's Film
Alison L. McKee
International Conspiracy in and around The Iron Curtain
Paul Swann
Citizens of the Empire: Revisionist History and the Social Imaginary in Gandhi
Shailja Sharma
'Tell the story of my life . . .': The Making of Meaning, 'Monsters', and Music in John Greyson's Zero Patience
Robert L. Cagle

Book Reviews

VLT #34 Fall 1994 - Popular National Cinema

Some Thoughts at an Intersection of the Popular and the National
Natasa Durovicova
'We Must Make the Government Tremble': Political Filmmaking in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu
David B. Pratt
Golden Harvest Films and the Hong Kong Movie Industry in the Realm of Globalization
Steve Fore
Negotiating Differences: National Cinemas and Co-productions in Prerevolutionary Cuba
Laura Podalsky
'I Have a Plan!' The Olsen Gang Captures Denmark and Norway: Negotiating the Popular Culture Gap
Bjorn Sorenssen

VLT #33 Spring 1994 - Television Histories

A Failed Vision: The Mutual Television Network
James Schwoch
What Ozzie Did for a Living
Tinky Dakota Weisblat
Televising Postwar Los Angeles: 'Remote' Possibilities in a 'City at Night'
Mark Williams
NBC Program Clearance Policies during the 1950s: Nationalizing Trends and Regional Resistance
Matthew Murray
The Face on the Lunch Box: Television's Construction of the Teen Idol
Gael Sweeney

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