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UT Press published the print version of Genders from 1988 through 1993. Issues 1 through 18 (excluding issue 7) are available for purchase through UT Press. The print version of Genders was a triannual journal offering essays and discussions of gender and sexuality in relation to social, political, artistic, and economic concerns in addition to cross-cultural analysis of contemporary gender issues.

Issues 19 through 26 were published by New York University Press. Beginning with Issue 27, Genders is an electronic-only journal. For information regarding current and future volumes, please contact Ann Kibbey at Genders Journal, 226 UCB, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309, or visit Genders' web site:

Reprint requests for any essays published in issues 1-26 should be sent directly to the publisher of the issue.

#18, Winter 1993
#17, Fall 1993
#16, Spring 1993
#15, Winter 1992
#14, Fall 1992
#13, Spring 1992
#12, Winter 1991
#11, Fall 1991
#10, Spring 1991
#9, November 1990
#8, July 1990
#7, March 1990
#6, November 1989
#5, July 1989
#4, March 1989
#3, November 1988
#2, July 1988
#1, March 1988

#18, Winter 1993

Cyberpunk: Technologies of Cultural Identity—A Special Issue

Introduction—Incurably Informed: The Pleasures and Dangers of Cyberpunk
Thomas Foster
Meat Puppets or Robopaths?: Cyberpunk and the Question of Embodiment
Thomas Foster
(En)gendering Cyberspace in Neuromancer: Postmodern Subjectivity and Virtual Motherhood
Eva Cherniavsky
Humanist History and the Haunting of Virtual Worlds: Problems of Memory and Rememoration
Kathleen Biddick
Morphing, Materialism, and the Marketing of Xenogenesis
Stephanie A. Smith
Muscular Circuitry: The Invincible Armored Cyborg in Cinema
Claudia Springer
The Last Days of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Albert Liu
"Death Is Irrelevant": Cyborgs, Reproduction, and the Future of Male Hysteria
Cynthia J. Fuchs

#17, Fall 1993

Do Clothes Make the Woman?: Gender, Performance Theory, and Lesbian Eroticism
Kath Weston
L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art and the Body of Marilyn Monroe
Jo-Anne Berelowitz
Wombs of War: Henry Moore's Repositioning of Gender
Laura Doan
The Failed Copy: Giovanni's Room and the (Re)Contextualization of Difference
Donald H. Mengay
Scenes of a Crime: Genesis, Freud's Interpretation of Dreams, Dora, and Originary Narratives
Susan Stanford Friedman
The Politics of Theory: Generations and Geographies Feminist Theory and the Histories of Art Histories
Griselda Pollock
The Politics of Queer Theory in the (Post)Modern Moment
Donald Morton
The Oedipal West: Two Engendered Photo Histories
Marcia Salo

#16, Spring 1993

Challenging Abuse and Assault—A Special Issue

Dominating Men: Male Dominance on Company Expense in a Japanese Hostess Club
Anne Allison
"Into the light, Leland, into the light": Emerson, Oedipus, and the Blindness of Male Desire in David Lynch's "Twin Peaks"
Samuel Kimball
The Incident of the 'Crawling Lane': Women in the Punjab Disturbances of 1919
Vinay Lal
Intimacy, Complicity, and the Imagination: Adrienne Rich's Twenty-one Love Poems
Sandra Runzo
Bodily Harm: Female Containment and Abuse in the Romance Narrative
Grace A. Epstein
"Not Like Women at All": Black Female Subjectivity in Lauretta Ngcobo's And They Didn't Die
Grant Farred
Male Sexuality and Contemporary Jewish Literature in German: The Damaged Body as the Image of the Damaged Soul
Sander L. Gilman

#15, Winter 1992

The Feminist Logic of Both/And
Eve Tavor Bannet
The Estrangement Effect in Sherley Anne Williams' Dessa Rose
Marta E. Sánchez
Male Lesbian Bodies: The Construction of Alternative Masculinities in Courbet, Baudelaire, and Swinburne
Thais E. Morgan
Murder as Speech: Narrative Subjectivity in Marleen Gorris' A Question of Silence
Geetha Ramanathan
Theorizing Ethnicity and Subjectivity: Maxine Hong Kingston's Tripmaster Monkey and Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club
Malini Johar Schueller
HomoVision: A Reading of Freud's "Fetishism"
Whitney Davis

#14, Fall 1992

Karen Finley's Dirty Work: Censorship, Homophobia, and the NEA
Lynda Hart
The Subaltern Does not Speak: Mira Nair's Salaam Bombay! as a Postcolonial Text
Samir Dayal
How IVF Exploits the Wish to Be a Mother: A Psychoanalyst's Account
Silvia Tubert
A Woman Writes the Fiction of Science: The Body in Frankenstein
Mary A. Favret
Anais Nin: Author(iz)ing the Erotic Body
Karen Brennan
Reading the Anorexic Maze
Albaraq Mahbobah
Theorizing Social Reproduction: On the Origins of Decentered Subjectivity
Muriel Dimen

#13, Spring 1992

Sexuality in the Gulf War: Did You Measure Up?
Abouali Farmanfarmaian
Irigaray and the Lesbian Body: Remedy and Poison
Annamarie Jagose
Pop Art Domesticated: Class and Taste in Tom Wesselmann's Collages
Cécile Whiting
Postmodern Misogyny in Blue Velvet
Jane M. Shattuc
Rebecca West's Second Thoughts on Feminism
Sue Thomas
"Romantic Friendship" and Patriarchal Narrative in Sarah Scott's Millenium Hall
George E. Haggerty
Color and Difference in Abstract Painting: The Ultimate Case of Monochrome
Ann Gibson

#12, Winter 1991

Liberalism, Libido, Liberation: Baldwin's Another Country
William A. Cohen
The Female Tradition in Modern Chinese Literature: Negotiating Feminisms across East/West Boundaries
Lydia H. Liu
Plotting Paternity: Looking for Dad on the Daytime Soaps
Laura Stempel Mumford
Did She or Didn't She?: The Discourse of Scandal in the 1988 U.S. Presidential Campaign
Laura Castor
Writing Out Color in Renaissance Theory
Patricia L. Reilly
Doll-Machines and Butcher-Shop Meat: Models of Childbirth in the Early Stages of Industrial Capitalism
Andrea Henderson
Troping Prostitution: Two or Three Things about (Post-)Marxism/Feminism
Robert Miklitsch

#11, Fall 1991

Postmodern Women Novelists Review Victorian Male Masochism
Carol Siegel
Coffee Table Sex: Robert Mapplethorpe and the Sadomasochism of Everyday Life
Paul Morrison
The Bonds of Free Love: Constructing the Female Bohemian Self
Nina Miller
Bloomsbury Bashing: Homophobia and the Politics of Criticism in the Eighties
Christopher Reed
C'mon, Girl: Oprah Winfrey and the Discourse of Feminine Talk
Gloria-Jean Masciarotte
Consent after Liberalism? A Review Essay of Catharine MacKinnon's Toward a Feminist Theory of the State and Carole Pateman's The Sexual Contract
Lori Chamberlain


Re-politicizing Gender: A Response to Desley Deacon
Carol Bacchi and Alison Mackinnon
Reply to "Re-politicizing Gender"
Desley Deacon

#10, Spring 1991

Theorizing Nationality, Sexuality, and Race—A Special Issue

US. Third World Feminism: The Theory and Method of Oppositional Consciousness in the Postmodern World
Chela Sandoval
The Unspeakable Limits of Rape: Colonial Violence and Counter-Insurgency
Jenny Sharpe
Excess and Understatement: War, Romance, and the Melodrama in Contemporary Vietnamese Cinema
Gina Marchetti
Reading Gayatri Spivak's "French Feminism in an International Frame": A Problem for Theory
Silvia Tandeciarz
On "Difference"
Linda Gordon
Unveiling Algeria
Winifred Woodhull
Theorizing Woman: Funu, Guojia, Jiating [Chinese Women; Chinese State, Chinese Family]
Tani Barlow

#9, November 1990

Lana's "Imitation": Melodramatic Repetition and the Gender Performative
Judith Butler
The Greatest Story (N)ever Told: The Spectacle of Recantation
Helena Michie
Hollywood Melodrama, Douglas Sirk, and the Repression of the Female Subject (Magnificent Obsession)
Michael Selig
Engendering Imaginary Modernism: Henri Matisse's Bonheur de vivre
Margaret Werth
Double-dealing Fictions
Sarah Schuyler
Nation, Class, and Gender: Tennyson's Maud and War
Joseph Bristow
Closet Dramas: Homosexual Representation and Class in Postwar British Theater
Alan Sinfield

#8, July 1990

The Cultural Politics of Perversion: Augustine, Shakespeare, Freud, Foucault
Jonathan Dollimore
"The Very House of Difference": Gender as "Embattled" Standpoint
Thomas Foster
A Spurious Set(Up): "Fetching Females" and "Seductive" Theories in Phaedrus, "Plato's Pharmacy", and Spurs
Katherine Cummings
Ending Difference/Different Endings: Class, Closure, and Collectivity in Women's Proletarian Fiction
Paula Rabinowitz
A Woman's Place and the Rural School in the United States
Suzanne Clark
Demon Lover Diary: Deconstructing Sex, Class, and Cultural Power in Documentary
Patricia R. Zimmerman
Quality Television and Feminine Narcissism: The Shrew and the Covergirl
Hilary Radner


Femme Foetal: The construciton/destruction of female subjectivity in Housekeeping, or NOTHING GAINED
Siân Mile

#7, March 1990

The Politics of the Sexual Body—A Special Issue

Living to Tell: Madonna's Resurrection of the Fleshly
Susan McClary
Wilde, Barthes, and the Orgasmics of Truth
Kevin Kopelson
The Unreadable Black Body: "Conventional" Poetic Form in the Harlem Renaissance
Amitai F. Avi-ram
Depoliticizing Women: Female Agency, the French Revolution, and the Art of Boucher and David
Erica Rand
Women, Pleasure, and Painting (e.g., Boucher)
Eunice Lipton
Posing the Woman Citizen: The Contradictions of Stanton's Feminism
Mary Loeffelholz
Either/Or—Neither/Both: Sexual Ambiguity and the Ideology of Gender
Julia Epstein
Making Faces: The Cosmetics Industry and the Cultural Construction of Gender, 1890-1930
Kathy Peiss

#6, November 1989

Politicizing Gender
Desley Deacon
"the landscape (chosen by desire)": Laura Gilpin Renegotiates Mother Nature
Karen Hust
The Scene of Seeing: Perception and Perversion in The Ravishing of Lol V. Stein
Karen Smythe
Writing the Gender of the Image: Art Criticism in Late Nineteenth-Century France
Anne Higonnet
A Sick Child and a Cure: Mother-Daughter Relations in Colette
Bethany Ladimer
Mary Wollstonecraft and the Search for the Radical Woman
Anna Wilson
Abulia: Sexuality and Diseases of the Will in the Late Nineteenth Century
John H. Smith
Some Speculations on the History of Sexual Intercourse during the Long Eighteenth Century in England
Henry Abelove

#5, July 1989

On Reading Gertrude Stein
Ellen E. Berry
Constructing Myths and Ideologies in Matisse's Odalisques
Marilynn Lincoln Board
Gender-Bending in Paradise: Doing "Female" and "Male" in Japan
Jennifer Robertson
Blood, Kinship, and Gender
Anita Levy
Transsexualized Origins: Reflections on Descartes's Meditations
Jacquelyn N. Zita
Personal Property: Exchange Value and the Female Self in The Awakening
Margit Stange
Do or Die: Problems of Agency and Gender in the Aesthetics of Murder
Josephine McDonagh

#4, March 1989

Flesh of His Flesh: Amputation in Moby Dick and S. W. Mitchell's Medical Papers
Leslie Katz
Inside the Sentimental: The Psychological Work of The Wide Wide World
Nancy Schnog
Postmodern Pictures of Erotic Fantasy and Social Space
Carol Zemel
Shapes of Grief: Freud, Hamlet, and Mourning
Kenneth Reinhard and Julia Lupton
Disordered Bodies/Disorderly Acts: Medical Discourse and the Female Criminal in Nineteenth-Century Paris
Ann-Louise Shapiro
The "Charming Distinction": Ur-teil as the En-gendering of Reason in Kant's Thought
Olga Lucia Valbuena
D. G. Rossetti's "Jenny": Agency, Intersubjectivity, and the Prostitute
Amanda S. Anderson
"Ariel, Save Us": Big Stick Polemics in Frank Lentricchia's Ariel and the Police
Melita Schaum


Comment on Claire Kahane: Questioning the Maternal Voice
Alicia Ostriker
Reply to Alicia Ostriker
Claire Kahane

#3, November 1988

The Gender Bind: Women and the Disciplines
Nancy Armstrong
Salman Rushdie: Marginality, Women, and Shame
Inderpal Grewal
The Transsexual as Anders in Christa Wolf's "Self-Experiment"
Anne Herrmann
Privileging the Anus: Anna O. and the Collaborative Origin of Psychoanalysis
Wayne Koestenbaum
Questioning the Maternal Voice
Claire Kahane
Feminism, Art History, and Sexual Difference
Lisa Tickner

#2, July 1988

Madonnas of the Fields: Photography, Gender, and 1930s Farm Relief
Wendy Kozol
Different Desires: Subjectivity and Transgression in Wilde and Gide
Jonathan Dollimore
A Dangerous Alliance: Anglo-Indian Literary Criticism and Bengali Literary Production (1870-1880)
Lou Ratté
The Flying Island and Female Anatomy: Gynaecology and Power in Gulliver's Travels
Susan Bruce
"A Veil of Ice between My Heart and the Fire": Michelangelo's Sexual Identity and Early Modern Constructs of Homosexuality
James M. Saslow
In the Realm of the Senses: Desire, Power, and the Representation of the Male Body
Peter Lehman
Sab C'est Moi
Doris Sommer

#1, March 1988

"A Bit of Her Flesh": Circumcision and "The Signification of the Phallus" in Daniel Deronda
Mary Wilson Carpenter
Embracing the Absolute: The Politics of the Female Subject in Seventeenth Century England
Catherine Gallagher
It's in the Can: Jasper Johns and the Anal Society
Jonathan Weinberg
The Oscillating Embrace: Subjection and Interpellation in Barbara Kruger's Art
Nancy D. Campbell
Holding the Fort! Instituting Genders, Engendering Institutions
Andrew Parker
"Descend and Touch and Enter": Tennyson's Strange Manner of Address
Christopher Craft
Privilege of Unknowing
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

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