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Joyce Studies Annual


Editor: Thomas F. Staley, Director, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
The University of Texas at Austin

JSA is now being published by Fordham University Press under the co-editorship of Moshe Gold and Philip Sicker. Volumes 1990 through 2003 (excluding the 1991, 1992, 1998, and 2001 volumes, which are out of print) will continue to be available for purchase through UT Press. For information regarding future volumes, please contact Fordham University Press, University Box L, Bronx, NY 10458-5172 or (718) 817-4795.

Each volume of JSA carries articles from leading Joyce scholars emphasizing the areas of historical, textual, and comparative criticism, as well as a comprehensive bibliography of the previous year's Joyce-related publications. Key features of Joyce Studies Annual include previously unpublished text and photographs from the Harry Ransom Center's extensive Joyce collection.

Joyce Studies Annual is indexed and/or abstracted in the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, IBR (International Bibliography of Book Reviews), IBZ (International Bibliography of Periodical Literature), IBR (CD-ROM), IBZ (CD-ROM), and MLA International Bibliography.

2003 Annual
2002 Annual
2001 Annual
2000 Annual

Joyce Studies Annual 2003

Thomas F. Staley
Notes on the New Joyce Manuscripts
Arnold Goldman
The National Library of Ireland's New Joyce Manuscripts: An Outline and Archive Comparisons
Michael Groden
Ireland Must Be Important...
Terence Killeen
The Heretical Auctoritas of Giordano Bruno: The Significance of the Brunonian Presence in James Joyce's The Day of the Rabblement and Stephen Hero
Gareth Downes
"Might be what you like, till you hear the words": Joyce in Zurich and the Contrapuntal Language of Ulysses
Jurgen Grandt
Unveiling Desire: Pleasure, Power and Masquerade in Joyce's "Nausicca" Episode
Philip Sicker
The Oxymoron of Fidelity in Homer's Odyssey and Joyce's Ulysses
Keri E. Ames
Note: James Joyce as Cyclist
Friedhelm Rathjen

Joyce Studies Annual 2002

Thomas F. Staley
The First International James Joyce Symposium: A Personal Account
Austin Briggs
Reading Joyce in and out of the Archive
Wim van Mierlo
Stephen Dedalus's non servium: Patriarchal and Performative Failure in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Alan Friedman
The Soft, the Sweet, and Bloom
Jefferey Simons
Of Questionable Character: The Construction of Subject in Ulysses
Kevin Attell
'I have been a Perfect Pig': A Semiosis of Swine in 'Circe'
Eric D. Smith
'When in Doubt do Gender': Constructing Masculinities in 'Penelope,' 'theyre all Buttons men'
Richard Brown
Recognizing Masochism: Psychoanalysis and the Poetics of Sexual Submission in Ulysses
Thomas P. Balázs
Note: Mac(k)intosh the Noun
Michael J. Sidnell

Joyce Studies Annual 2001

This issue is out of print.

Getting Noticed: James Joyce's Italian Translations
Eric Bulson
Two New Ulysses Working Drafts
Arnold Goldman
James Joyce's Encounters with Spanish Censorship, 1939-1966
Alberto Lázaro
Is there Music in Joyce and Where do We Look for It?
Milo Zatkalic
Dublin in the Time of Joyce
Ken Monaghan
The New York James Joyce Society
Zack Bowen
The Early Joyceans in Dublin
Vivien Igoe
The Early Days of the Dublin Symposium
Thomas F. Staley
Joyce and Trieste: From the Joyce Festival to the Trieste Joyce School
Renzo S. Cravelli
'A Symposium All His Own': The International James Joyce Foundation
Morris Beja
The European Finnegans Wake Study Group: 1970-1971
Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli
Building on the Foundation: Women in the IJJF
Karen Lawrence

Joyce Studies Annual 2000

Thomas F. Staley
The Importance of Being Giacomo
John McCourt
Stanley Sultan
The Prolific and the Devouring in "The Ondt and the Gracehoper"
Sam Slote
A Proverbial Tale of Tree or Stone: Joyce's Rewriting of Plato's Reminders
Moshe Gold
Issy's Mimetic Night Lessons: Interpellation and Resistance in Finnegans Wake
Michael J. Powers
Joyce's Sources: Sir Richard F. Burton's Terminal Essay in Finnegans Wake
Aida Yared
Mapping Echoland
Finn Fordham

Notes and Documents

Ulysses: an Anti-Bildungsroman
Erwin R. Steinberg and Christian W. Hallstein

JSA Index, 1995-2000


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