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Office of Community and School Relations
The Office of Community and School Relations serves as a conduit of communication between the University of Texas at Austin and the Austin Community with an emphasis on underrepresented populations. The office also provides
pre-collegiate youth development/enrichment programs for academically talented high school students and their teachers.

University Outreach
The University Outreach Program helps students in grades 8-12 to excel academically, graduate from high school, and prepare for post-secondary education.

University Interscholastic League
The University Interscholastic League provides leadership and guidance to public school debate and athletic teachers. The purpose of the UIL is to organize and properly supervise contests for public schools that assist in preparing public school students for citizenship.

Neighborhood Longhorns
The Neighborhood Longhorns Program utilizes support mechanisms that encourage and value the students' personal development and inspire their desire to pursue higher learning through exposure to the college experience.

Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
The Hogg Foundation manages both operating programs and grantmaking activities that support mental health service and research projects in Texas.

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Office of the Vice President for Community and School Relations
PO Box T  •  Austin, TX 78713-8920  •  Main Building 400  • ph: 512.471.9882  •  fx: 512.232.9396
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