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Key Roles & Major Responsibilities

The Office of the Vice President for Community and School Relations is responsible for facilitating the University's relationships with schools, school systems, and state agencies, especially with relation to non-curricular youth development, including pre-college youth development programs. In addition, the Office of theVice President for Community and School Relations serves as a leader in promoting community health, facilitating relationships involving the University as a neighbor, and promoting a representative student body, faculty, and staff.
Detailed description of assignments:

Has executive responsibility for the following offices and programs:

   • Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
   • University Interscholastic League
   • Neighborhood Longhorns
   • Office of Community and School Relations
   • University Outreach
   • Pre-college Youth Development

Oversees the promotion of health community relationships with various constituencies and neighbors of the University.

Provides leadership in promoting a diverse student body, faculty, and staff.

Oversees the Neighborhood Longhorns Program, University Outreach Program, and other university outreach programs in the community.

Oversees such pre-college youth programs as the Texas Longhorn PREP (Partners Responding to Educational Priorities) Program.

Provides leadership and supervision for the University Interscholastic League which gives professional and administrative guidance and direction to the competitive educational programs developed by the public schools of Texas.

Fosters and promotes relationships with the minority and neighboring communities.

Assumes other duties upon assignment or request by the President.

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Office of the Vice President for Community and School Relations
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