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About the Office

The mission of the Office of Legal Affairs is to advance the overall mission of the University through:

  • timely and accurate provision of legal advice and counsel to University officers and administrators;
  • serving as a resource for ethical informed decision-making and creative problem solving;
  • educating University personnel in order to reduce the risks of litigation and liability;
  • coordinating and supervising all legal services for the University; and - representing the University in state and national discussions of legal issues concerning higher education.
Contact Information

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Flawn Academic Center (FAC), Room 438

Phone Number: (512) 471-1241
FAC 438 Fax Number: (512) 471-1255

Bev Hurst
Executive Assistant
(512) 232-7734

Associate Vice Presidents
for Legal Affairs

Jeffery L. Graves

Assistant Vice Presidents
for Legal Affairs

Jessica L. Sentz

Associate Counsel

Leea Mechling
Executive Assistant
(512) 471-9170

Hillary Brown
Senior Administrative Associate
(512) 232-3588

Nicky Lien
Senior Administrative Associate
(512) 471-5948

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The content of this web site may not be construed or relied upon as legal advice. If you are a UT faculty or staff member, please contact or consult with the Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs about specific legal issues related to the University. Students may be helped with their legal issues at the Office of the Students' Attorney in the Dean of Students' Office.