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Publishing at UT

The demand for delivering video over the World Wide Web is increasing dramatically. ITS is committed to providing a secure, robust solution to the way our community wants to communicate.

The Helix Universal Server was developed by RealNetworks to stream all major media types, including RealMedia, QuickTime, and Windows Media. This allows the client to create content in the format of their choice knowing it will be supported by the Helix server. The Helix server can be used to serve audio and video files and broadcast live audio and video. Use the Helix server to put recorded lectures, foreign language samples, or other sound and video on the Web.

UT Austin Web Central departmental, faculty, and student organization publishers, as well as virtual host clients, are welcome to publish streaming media using this server. If you choose to deliver streaming media from your website, store the video content in your Web Central directory and contact TeamWeb. You may also want to read Publishing Options and Procedures to learn about publishing on Web Central.

There is a bandwidth limitation with our licensing agreement with RealNetworks. Because of this, the Helix server is not available to personal publishers.

Viewing video files requires that a media player be installed on your computer. The following table displays video file formats with their respective players.

File Format Player
QuickTime QuickTime Player
RealMedia RealOne Player
Windows Media WindowsMedia Player 9 Series


  Updated June 28 2007
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