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Ethics Unwrapped video series animates the ethical dilemmas of our modern world.

Beyond Business Ethics

Many colleges and universities have begun to grapple with the ethics crisis, but those efforts have mostly been through traditional methods of pedagogy. The University of Texas at Austin is shifting the paradigm on ethics education through the creation of Ethics Unwrapped, an award-winning video series and educational program developed by the McCombs School of Business. Launched in 2012, the videos are being used on over 79 campuses and viewed in more than 153 countries.

Ethics Unwrapped videos explore why good people do bad things. Using the tools of psychology and related fields, this new area of study, known as behavioral ethics, focuses on the organizational pressures and psychological biases that often cause well–intentioned people to act unethically.

The videos package complex ethics concepts in an entertaining, accessible, powerfully visual way by featuring an innovative blend of animation, expert content, and student experiences. The dedicated website features more than thirty high-quality videos with accompanying teaching resources and includes an ethics blog and social media channels. As an educational resource that is universally available at no cost, the potential impact of Ethics Unwrapped is boundless.

For anyone wishing to learn about, or teach, ethical decision-making and behavior, Ethics Unwrapped is a unique tool. By combining cutting-edge ethics research with today’s high-tech learning environment, this model of video-delivered content meets students where they live and puts every instructor in a position to teach ethics effectively.

Videos and teaching notes are available for free at or on the McCombs YouTube channel. Join the ethics conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

Ethics Unwrapped

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