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Is college worth the money? UT Austin is.

With a struggling economy, high unemployment and discouraging reports that even college graduates can’t find jobs, it’s no surprise that some are questioning the value of higher education.

Bill Powers, the president of The University of Texas at Austin, encourages those questions. He knows that students, parents and taxpayers have invested in the system, and he has good news for them: when you look at bang for the buck, UT Austin is one of the best values in American higher education. That’s not just a proud president talking. The Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money magazine looked at tuition versus the salaries of graduates and called UT Austin the No. 2 value in the nation.

Consider a few other benchmarks of UT’s value to the state. UT Austin

  • Educates more students than any other university in Texas
  • Has the highest graduation rate of any public university in Texas
  • Produces the second most doctoral degrees in America
  • And is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as the best public university in nearly 1,000 miles.

Students and the state get all this for tuition that is 4th lowest among our 12 peer universities.

And while salaries and rankings are quick measures of career success and prestige, a university as broad and deep as Texas can change a student’s life, help them realize a long-held dream or set them on a completely new path. How much is that worth?


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